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Monday, October 7, 2002

Word Translator for Macintosh
= worth knowing
Software Tool (Mac)
FREE to try (USD $ 39)

Word Translator is a nice and welcome tool for all those people working on Macs and dealing with international audiences. Word Translator is a foreign language dictionary tool with simple text translation features. Over 14 dictionaries are presently available.

You can select any Word Translator dictionary from any Mac application and see the results of the search/translation immediately. Word Translator performs extremely fast dictionary search and the results show as you type or immediately after you paste text. The words that match your search are displayed in a list and their translations in another list.

Drag and drop is fully supported so it is possible to drag word from any application and have it translated immediately. Translated words can be put into any document by the same convenient drag and drop.

You can add and modify words and translations within the program, by gradually customizing the dictionaries with your own terminology and personalized translations.

When you purchase the Multi-language CD you receive 14 dictionaries, including English-French, French-English, English-Spanish, Spanish-English, English-German, German-Spanish and all major Scandinavian languages(Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish). Russian and Polish are also included as well as Portuguese.

Downloadable a free trial version at:



Readers' Comments    
2005-08-23 05:44:10

James Cooke

I am looking for a translator so I can translate an Afinsa stamp
catalog text into English, save tranlation
to memory and/or print it
out on my printer.
Does your software do this? How much for the
Portuguese / English
translator and dictionary?

I must have software
that will work on my
powerMac using system
OS 9.2 or higher.

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