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Monday, October 7, 2002

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Idruna Software's Photogenics is a revolutionary image editing and manipulation tool that utilizes a totally new, more intuitive and highly innovative approach to digital image editing. Photogenics allows you to create paint-like or photorealistic images, either from scratch or by modifying existing pictures.

It can also be used for everything from simple file conversion, to advanced photo manipulation and re-touching. It also offers extremely realistic and easy to use media such as pencils, chalk and watercolours, which allow you to create quality artworks effectively.

One of Photogenics unique characteristics is the fact that nothing you draw is permanent, and that everything can be instantly rubbed out as easily as it was drawn. The difficult workarounds needed when working with selections and layers are completely eliminated by Phtogenics approach to image editing.
The programs allows to edit images and to apply effects to them by using directly the paintbrush, without the need to setup layers or complex selections.

Alistair Dabs wrote in the August 2001 issue of CGI Magazine:
"Better still, you can un-paint your strokes simply by right-clicking as you drag the mouse. So having drawn several strokes, you can fine-tune the result by right-dragging 'removal' strokes over them all, not just the last stroke you drew. To keep effects or paint colours separate, you just add another layer for each. Of course, the package supports conventional multiple undos as well. But the paint and un-paint combination leaves Photoshop's History Brush looking clumsy by comparison."

Digital image editors with extensive experience with professional tools like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or Photo-Paint will truly appreciate the power and intuitiveness of this new software application.



Photogenics introduces also a nice feature which provides "controlled experimentation" on your digital images.

A light bulb button allows the graphic artist to perform various adjustments and tweaks to the image without committing to anyone of them. While in this mode, the user can modify the colours, brush style and filter effects.

Once the user is happy with the results obtained, clicking on the light bulb will make those edits final on the image.

The interface of Photogenics is simple and uncluttered and easy to understand and move around.

The application si also very small (1.5 MB) and very speedy. Changes take place in real time and there is no waiting when applying filters or adjustments to most images.

Download Photogenics 5 free 30-day full working evaluation copy at downloadwindows.html

Other operating systems downloads at:

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