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Monday, October 7, 2002

Online Presentation tool with Application Sharing

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Starting from $14.95/month

To be honest I got so involved in this research and testing that I have material to make a whole dossier on this very tool and on the real competitors that it has in the market.

To my surprise I have also discovered that the same technology powering the VCOM online conference rooms tool is also marketed by another company, Orbitalk (, though the features are almost exactly the same (Competition has a slightly more up-to-date server version) outside for Application Sharing which is offered as an option.

As said, Orbitalk is exactly the same technology that is utilized by VCOM and that I have been testing now for over a month. The bugs and technical problems are therefore basically the same, though, as I have mentioned Orbitalk is offering extra options, unavailable through VCOM, such as Application Sharing.

Though I have not extensively tested this feature, it has given me some mixed results. On some PCs it did work quite well, while on others I did not have very satisfactory results.

The strong positive factor working in favour of Orbitalk is their marketing and customer service approach. On the first, the company has decided to clearly separate the opportunity to create a MLM business for those individual who want to build a home-based business with this new technology, from those who just want to use the service and do not want to be pushed or mixed with those who buy it just to resell it.

While I have not been able to personally test the customer service responsiveness and quality, I have been told that it is not comparable in any way to the meagre service that VCOM Central presently provides.

What I have noticed is that the web site and supporting information available on are indeed well prepared, presented and organized. Lots of information is available and at least the appearance loks much more professional and reliable than the competition.



I have subscribed to this service to test it out and have not been negatively surprised by anything. Actually if VCOM for some reason is down or gets locked (it has happened a few times), I have a backup solution to utilize.

A comprehensive review of Orbitalk Communicator is available, together with reviews of 17 competing products, inside Robin Good's Full Guide to SOHO Web Conferencing.


Last but not certainly least, I have been able to spot and identify also the technology provider that is behind both services. The company makes in fact its tool available commercially for other companies or organizations who may want to buy a full license from them and own it or for those that would want to resell it as a service just like VCOM Central and Orbitalk do. To find out more about them check my nest issue of MasterMind Explorer.

Prices for this technology are quite accessible.

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2004-06-03 15:07:40


Posted: Thu, 29 Apr 2004

Dear Orbitalk Friends and Customers,
As most of you know we bought the business with much enthusiasm and expectations.
Unfortunately, we have not been able to complete the programming required to implement our program or continue to operate.

We have had to close Orbitalk, effective at the end of April, 2004.


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