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Monday, October 7, 2002

Online Multilanguage and Multibrand Live Tech Support

Juvio - Providers of Solutions and Security
= interesting, promising
Online Service

Born out of the initial 8-month long successful experience of San Diego's Speak-with-a-Geek online service (featured also in an interesting and valuable Wall Street Journal article on different online tech support services. See Juvio offers an online pool of dedicated and customer-driven geeks that will help you solve any type of computer problem.

The service offers 375/24/7 online support and live help whenever you need it and as often as you need it. The service can be accessed by e-mail, instant messenger or phone.

Thanks to its multicultural staff, Juvio claims to be able to support users in many different languages including: English, Spanish, French, German, Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Mandarin, Vietnamese and Laotian. While I have not heard of Peruvian before (I thought they spoke Spanish too), I would be happy to see Italian listed there as well, and this would be quite a market.)

To see the range of technology and brands supported by this unique team go to: supporteditems.asp

Most everything you may want or desire is there. From Adobe software, to Quark Xpress, to Compaq, Dell, Gateway and Apple specific hardware, to all of the Microsoft Office tools.

Juvio's niche is the one emptied by the costly services provided by major manufacturers and by the great difficulty in finding computer support people that will take your computer setup holistically, that is by supporting all or most brands, peripherals and operating systems. Yes, Macs too.

Also Juvio offers opportunity for reselling the service in a simple and transparent way. If you are into enriching your service offerings while providing a valuable service to your customers this is another new interesting service to seriously consider.

To find out more about this business opportunity go to:

Monthly cost for the service is USD $ 34.95.



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