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Monday, October 7, 2002

Multilanguage Content Management

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Spider is a new interesting technology that allows content publishing in a variety of formats through a unique workflow based on the strong components of SGML or XML. Organizations who have largely invested in either one of these technologies could truly benefit of this technology potential.

In simple words, SPIDER aims to realize a difficult and continuously challenged need of many small and large organizations. The total automation of the publishing process.

The company behind this system claims on its web site:
"What used to take an army of DTP artists to laboriously and manually do is now completely formatted automatically and with lightning speed by the SPIDER Pagination Engine.
SPIDER can output 1,000 perfectly formatted pages in less than 5 minutes! SPIDER is clearly the world leader in its class."

The input for the SPIDER Pagination Engine is SGML or XML data that can be extracted directly from a proprietary database made by the same company developing SPIDER (STAR) or from other systems. The unique and important major feature of this system is that this automatic formatting can be done in almost any language desirable: SPIDER can even easily handle Asian languages such as Japanese and Chinese, or languages of the Middle East such as Arabic and Hebrew. Hyphenation modules for many languages are available: hyphenation and word wrap is no worry with SPIDER.

Output is on all Windows compatible printers or film machines, in color or in black/white. Data can also be published as PDF or Postscript files. Output can also be displayed on screen for pre-proofing.

SPIDER technology is available in 3 configurations which all access the same content database (SGML or XML) and is based on the single source principle:

With SPIDER technology you can create individual, fully functional CD-ROM masters from your SGML or XML database. If you publish CD-ROMs on a regular basis, even in several languages, SPIDER can dramatically reduce the costs and time to create a CD-ROM.

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