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Monday, October 7, 2002

Innovative Content Search Tool, with Theme Ranking Identification and Categorization

Powerful Web Search, Categorizing and Content Ranking Tool
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This is a new desktop-based research tool that allows you to search for information and content in a peculiar new way. The key feature of iFind is how this tool organizes and categorizes the content that it finds.

"iFind is an interactive research tool that dynamically discovers and summarizes the most important concepts and themes associated with any topic. The user can browse through the themes and their supporting references, and issue subsequent, more detailed queries while maintaining the original context. Unlike search engines, iFind provides a direct view into the information space that contains the answer to the user's question; it uses words and phrases as the basic interaction components, not URLs." Also according to the company developing iFind " the growth of the Internet has outpaced the evolution of search technology, users no longer have enough time to sift through the huge haystack of information looking for their needle. Search Engines are only designed to do the "heavy lifting"; they are essentially large database indexes, and have no semantic understanding of the users' needs. In fact, the best that the search engines can promise is "relevant" links (imagine response to an airline that does not deliver you to your intended destination, but instead, to one that is sort of similar, in many respects). Also, relevancy has its limitations; it is determined by someone else's criteria, not yours."

iFind leverages new R&D concepts and produces a way to research and access information that may be very valuable to online content searchers. iFind supports online user research by:

a) Discovery - Helping the user to become aware of his problem domain

b) Transformation - Helping the user to identify relevant themes

c) Convergence - Helping the user to isolate information relating to desired themes

iFind can in fact discover and summarize the most important concepts and themes associated with virtually any topic. This lets you ask direct questions or explore content that you researching in multiple and alternative ways. iFind collects and displays information so that answers are available without going back to any Web page.

iFind produces a so called Scored List. The scored list contains the top 10 - 100 words and phrases that iFind has found in its online search in rank order.

The score of any given term is based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) frequency, relevancy to the query terms, and other factors.



Through this list the searcher can access a list of related search results for each terms, which is displayable as either a list of links, or sentence excerpts containing those keywords from the resulting links.

The interface is very basic and could undergo quite some improvement.

Certainly an interesting new concept to be further developed.

General info on this new product/technology:

Must read tutorial to get effectively started in using iFind: GetStarted.htm

Download a free copy of iFind at: (1.8 MB)

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