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Monday, October 7, 2002

Image Interpolation Tool - Resize Without Losing Quality

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S-Spline is a powerful image interpolation tool. It allows digital images to be easily enlarged, resized with minimal or non-existent apparent loss in image quality.

The program is extremely easy to use and its interface is as simple as required by the only function performed by this software.

S-Spline is capable of creating very high quality interpolations when resizing images thanks to a high quality mathematical formula developed by its authors. The results that can be obtained go beyond Photoshop top interpolation mode called Bicubic. Within S-Spline it is also possible to see how Photoshop interpolation modes and S-Spline own stack up to each other.

If you need the highest quality from your images and especially if you need to enlarge small images or you need to create quality enlargements, posters or displays, you cannot go wrong by using this tool.

Note that the program works in eleven different languages including: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Portoguese.

Download a free evaluation version at:
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2007-09-07 19:28:59


It's not portoguese, its PORTUGUESE

2005-02-23 12:42:13


load of shit this has been a right fuck on

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