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Monday, October 7, 2002

ILU - Color Calculator
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Software Tool (Win & Mac)

With the Color Calculator, you can identify colour harmonies faster than with any colour wheel or chart. Use it to select a colour scheme for a corporate identity or design project. Rotate shapes on the colour wheel to identify harmonious colour schemes. Adjust saturation and lightness. Save RGB, CMYK, or HTML colour values, then send them to a colleague or client.

1. Select a design for your colour experiment from the Design box.

2. Select a geometric shape to find harmonious colours on the colour wheel. The square shows complementary pairs with a set of tertiary complements. The rectangle shows the adjacent tertiary colours of any two complementary pairs. The triad shows a triad of colour (for example, primary colours). The triangle shows one complement and the two adjacent tertiary colours of the other complement. The complement arrows show complementary pairs of colour.

3. If you need to, adjust the saturation and lightness of the colour scheme.

4. Save the RGB, CMYK, or HTML colour values you've selected by saving to the clipboard in the Color Box. Email them to yourself, a colleague, or a client.




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