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Monday, October 7, 2002

IBM HotMedia

IBM HotMedia v3.5
Software Tool (Win)

Launched in the fall of 2000 IBM HotMedia 3.5, a component of IBM Studio Homepage Builder and IBM WebSphere Studio, is a free e-software that creates Java-based images for Web applications.

IBM HotMedia is a comprehensive Java™-based solution for incorporating rich media effects into any Web site. HotMedia allows the integration of interactive media without the requirement of plugins or specialized servers.

HotMedia can create a very extended array of "interactive" functionalities on a Web site. These include:
a) Video and animations
b) Synchronized audio and images
c) Streaaming audio
d) Display of 3D and VRML objects, cylindrical panoramas, and spherical iPIX movies
e) Zoomable images
f) Visual effects and transitions
g) Creation of user interface interactive controls like sliders and media control buttons

You can see a set of examples for all of the above applications at: by clicking on the animated logo in the center of the page.

There is also a HotMedia Customer Gallery to see the application of this technology to real Web sites on the Internet. I have found the examples available there quite interesting and enlightening on the possible applications of this technology. See real word examples at: casestudies/gallery/gallery.html



According to IBM: "One of the most compelling features of HotMedia is that the experience is delivered to the end user without plug-ins.

Through the use of patented Smart Content technology, the file itself dynamically determines which "players" (that is, Java classes) the browser needs and downloads them "just in time".

In addition, the data itself -- images, audio, animations, etc. -- is downloaded progressively so that the user experience begins immediately, not waiting for the entire file to be received.

The result is minimal wait time and the best possible experience for the end user."

More information on IBM HotMedia 3.5 and on its latest features and characteristics can be accessed at: hotmedia/about/

More information about IBM WebSphere Studio can be found at: webservers/hpbuilder/
(USD $ 69 through Digital Delivery)

System Requirements:
Windows 95/98/2000/NT + Java platform.

Download IBM HotMedia at: download/product.jsp?s=s&cat=ad&type= &id=TDUN-49EVNQ

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2006-02-01 11:58:18


Very good site, congratulations!

2004-04-24 22:38:01


I want to know more about ibm hotmedia, and how can y buy it?

2004-02-27 13:32:57


dead link, IBM packaged hotmedia with another program

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