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Monday, October 7, 2002

Create Online Shareable Visual Information Spaces With Your Own Documents

Shared Space
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Software Tool (Win & Mac)

Shared Space v2.0 is a powerful information and data visualization tool that is being developed by Ben Copsey, as part of his MA Electronic Arts course at the University of Middlesex (

Shared Space is a new application which allows users to create information spaces that are completely visual and that contain all of the materials and links that they wish to include.

This information space can be navigated, modified and shared with others online through a peer-to-peer network.

With Shared Space you can drag in documents from other applications, then add notes and links to build up a map that describes structure and relationships.

To get an immediate idea of what this program can do, go to: and look at the typical screen you would see after having indexed and scanned your own selected content or information space.

You can find out all of the basic features of this powerful application by looking at the Features section available at:
There you can read about all of Shared Space major features and also see screenshots for all such functions and facilities. is the website of the Shared Space Software Project. This project takes the work started on the 'Memex Shared Space Project' as a starting point ( memex) and it explores the inadequacies of modern computer interfaces in displaying the complexity of information spaces in usable and effective ways.
As part of the project Ben Copsey produced an online 'shared-space', a visual environment in which users can read and create web-like information structures.

Download a free Shared Space v.2.0 at:



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