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Monday, October 7, 2002

Atlas of Cyberspaces - Information Design Nirvana

Atlas of Cyberspaces atlas.html
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Online Atlas

For the ones of you interested in information architecture, information mapping, data visualization and information design this is an absolutely wonderful resource to explore, study and analyze information spaces and different ways in which they can be mapped to effective computer interfaces. The site contains a smorgasbord of uniquely selected maps and graphic representations of the geographies of the many different information spaces.

These cybermaps help us visualise and comprehend the new digital landscapes beyond our computer screen, utilize different and ingenious approaches to visualize information spaces in novel and more intuitive ways. The cybermaps, like maps of the real-world, help us navigate the new information landscapes, as well being objects of aesthetic interest.

The atlas comprises separate pages, covering different types of cybermaps (I have highlighted with asterisks the ones that are particularly exceptional):

1) Conceptual conceptual.html

2) Artistic artistic.html

3) Geographic geographic.html

4) Cables & Satellites cables.html

5) Traceroutes *** routes.html

6) Census census.html

7) Topology *** topology.html

8) Info Maps *** info_maps.html

9) Info Landscapes info_landscapes.html

10) Info Spaces

11) ISP Maps isp_maps.html



12) Weather Maps weather.html

13) Wireless wireless.html

14) Web Site Maps *** web_sites.html

15) Surf Maps *** surf.html

16) MUDs & Virtual Worlds muds_vw.html

17) Historical historical.html

Some of the maps you will see in the Atlas of Cyberspaces may appear familiar as they utilize the same cartographic conventions of real-world maps. Nonetheless most of these maps represent abstracted representations of information and electronic spaces using new visual metaphors and clues.

I find this resource absolutely fascinating and incredibly rich. I would have no better place to study and refine my information design skills and culture than at this site. Highly recommended.

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posted by Robin Good on Monday, October 7 2002, updated on Tuesday, May 5 2015

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