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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Track Changes to Web Sites - ChangeDetection

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This is a nice, free and simple to set-up service. You first e-mail your address to the company providing the service. Right after they send you an email containing instructions and HTML code to install on your web site pages.

The visitors to your web site sign up into this small control panel you have added to your pages they become a new kind of subscribers to your content, and anytime there is new content on your web pages they are notified of it via e-mail.

A webmaster-only email reports finally to you how many of your Web site visitors have been notified. Additionally webmasters are allowed to send custom comments and messages along the update notifications sent automatically by the service.

Hard to believe but true, Changedetection can even be utilized to track changes to Web sites which do not have the special control panel.

Go to: and simply input the Web site URL that you want to be tracked. Daily Changedetection will spider the specified Web site and it will notify you if it will detect any new content on it.

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2004-05-18 18:37:09


Many more of these web page monitoring services have sprung up in the two years that this item was published.

Here are two:

Both are free, but ChangeDetect seems to have many more features including a paid option.

WatchThatPage was down when this was posted, so no link is available.

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