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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Terminology Management on the Internet

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WebTerm is the key complement and companion to TermStar.

WebTerm allows a large number of users to simultaneously access the most current terminology databases. The user needs only an Internet browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) and a URL or Intranet address of the terminology website.

With this program, your staff can access company-specific dictionaries using their web browsers. Authorized persons can refer to your current terminology at any time, from any location, and in any desired language. WebTerm lets you send and read comments, or suggest new terms to the terminology manager. This provides terminology managers with feedback to help them keep the dictionary up-to-date.

Terminology management can be a laborious undertaking and therefore it makes sense that the terminology can actually be used by as many employees as possible to help them for their practical and daily tasks.

WebTerm is ideally suited for validating terminology databases on an international scale. This includes the ability to gather from all over the world suggestions for changes and amendments in order to keep the terminology databases as up-to-date as possible.

Terminology can be browsed alphabetically or specific terms can be searched for directly or with wildcards. TermStar supports all major languages, including Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese, etc.

WebTerm is normally set up directly on the TermStar database which is installed on an SQL database server with Internet interfaces such as Oracle, Sybase or MS-SQL.

At the following URL you can access the WebTerm Online Demo (it
requires frames and JAVA support in your browser): software/sprachtech/webterm.html



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