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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Search Files on a Remote Web Site - Medusa

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Medusa is a software application that allows users to automatically search and download specific files, including images, audio files, executables from remote web sites unattended.

This allows for easily grabbing images, and other files without spending great amounts of time to first find within the site where the files searched have been located.

The only thing you need is a web address that you type in the search field in the program. While the program is searching the sites you will see thumbnails appear representing all the files available for download.

You can then easily choose which files you want to download and where to. This is achieved by using standard drag-and-drop technique that is possible because the Medusa user interface is modelled after the Microsoft Windows explorer.

You start downloading files at once when you drag it into a folder on your hard disk, double-click on them or if choose download from the right click menu.

If you highlight every file and download them then all the jpg files, one after another, will appear in any given number of download windows while they are being downloaded.



From Medusa it is of course possible to open any web page in your Internet browser which contains files that you have found with Medusa.

Easily configure the program any way you like and enjoy the user-friendly interface. If you can handle the explorer in Microsoft Windows you already know how to use Medusa!

Medusa is now totally free for personal use. In version 1.1 all ads have been eliminated and Cydoor spyware add-ons have been removed.

Download Medusa 1.1 at:

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