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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

News Search Engine - Rocketinfo

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Rocketinfo scours over 5000 news sources online keeping users very much up-to-date with news and information. News items date back a maximum of 5 days. The search engine is based upon a dynamic index of publicly accessible current news and information. The Rocketinfo search engine allows anyone to execute one-time searches for current news and information from around the world.

The search interface is very simple and straightforward and the only option the user can specify besides the content string to be searched is the number of days to look back.

Several features distinguish Rocketinfo results from those delivered by other search engines or news services.

1. Relevancy Indicator: Each Rocketinfo search result is accompanied by a relevancy rating displayed in parentheses following the article title.

Rocketinfo uses several criteria to calculate the relevance of an article, including: the number of times the keyword(s) appear in the article (more is better) the location of the keyword(s) in the article (near the top is better) the proximity of keywords in the article to each other (close together is better). Unlike other news services that simply rank results according to link popularity or dates, the Rocketinfo relevancy algorithm is designed specifically to provide users with the most relevant news matching their research interests.

2. Currency & Accuracy of Dates: Rocketinfo results are also "fresher" or more current than those produced by other news services. Rocketinfo claims that its intelligent indexing technology makes it possible to index sites extremely quickly.

Rocketinfo's also claims that its intelligent indexing technology ensures that the date associated with an article is the actual date of publication or web posting.

3. Breadth of Content: Rocketinfo's source database includes over 5,000 sites and this list is constantly being expanded and diversified. Rocketinfo's site list includes major national and city newspapers from around the world, all of the leading newswires and online news from radio and television broadcasters.



Along with these traditional sources, Rocketinfo also indexes news magazines, trade journals and industry-specific news portals and vortals.

Recognizing that there are many varieties and sources of news and information of value to corporate researchers, Rocketinfo's sources can also include electronic newsletters, billboards, chatrooms and other non-traditional sources.

In one possible application of the technology that powers Rocketinfo search engine researchers create and save a series of online searches with as many search expressions as required to effectively gather news and information on each topic of interest.

Once found, these results are automatically delivered to users as web headlines or as an email newsletter. End users view the up-to-date headlines and excerpts, and click-through to the source to read the full article.

If you or your organization depend on fresh and quality news you should not miss this one out. Recommended.

Find out which are the best present-day tools and techniques to stay up-to-date without moving a finger.

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