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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

New Search Engine - Gigablast

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Online Search Engine

Gigablast is a new search engine that sports some interesting features. Presently the overall index of Gigablast is not very large, and while it contains less than 81 million web pages as of today, I can guarantee you this is an index that will grow fast.

Gigablast has been entirely developed by Matt Wells in C++.
According to Mr Wells one of it's major features is it's cost. He says of Gigablast: "I built it from day one to be the cheapest most scalable search engine on the market. It can index BILLIONS of web pages and serve thousands of queries per second at an unbelievably-LOW cost."

Gigablast provides quality and interesting results for many type of queries. The key characteristics of Gigablast include:

a) Massive scalability scales to 200 billion full pages.

b) Low pollution uses very few computers to support a huge index and large numbers of queries per second.

c)Intelligent spider determines the update cycle of each document and tries to spider it at that frequency.

d)Real-time add URL users can add their site to the index instantly. Link analysis is done on the fly.

e) Low maintenance everything is automated (except when scaling the network)

f) Highly customizable almost every aspect is configurable via an easy to use web-based GUI.

While the interface is not impressive it is straightforward and easy to use.

During my testing of this new search engine I was surprised to access and retrieve a picture of my grandfather dad (Carlo Canali De Rossi 1854-1930) who I had never seen in photograph before. An exciting discovery indeed which made Gigablast stick in my memory for a while.

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