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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

New Meta-Search Engine - Boolistic

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Boolistic is a new meta search engine which allows easy search across a number of user-selected search engines and directories. The interface is simple and straightforward to use, though the engine forces the user into utilizing four separate query boxes to expand the options available in the research process.

Results of each search engine are selectable through a tip navigation frame, and original results pages from the search engines are displayed within a frameset.

You simply enter your search terms, and if you need to, refine your search by clicking on the active graphic screen. This simple visual device empowers the searcher to easily modify key variables to the original query and see alternative sets of results.

It is possible to search using Boolstic pre-set battery of default search engines or you can select your favorite search engine by clicking on the "Select Search Engines" button.

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