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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Multilingual Terminology Management System

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Software Tool (Win)
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TermStar is a tool for individual translators that need to manage electronic dictionaries and to create personal terminology files. With TermStar you can create, manage and view multilingual electronic dictionaries. TermStar is also ideal for publishing terminology online or as printed dictionaries.

TermStar is an extremely scalable solution: it can be used on a single user desktop, on an enterprise database server such as Oracle, Sybase or MS-SQL, or on a Web Server.

With TermStar it is possible to manage anything from a small bilingual project dictionary to a huge dictionary of one million terms in 25 languages.

From the perspective of a corporate user or public entity, TermStar is the professional system for terminology management which ensures consistent application of terminology by their personnel across all languages via the corporate network.

A TermStar dictionary which you create is comparable to a technical dictionary on paper, but with all the striking benefits that a database/electronic version provides.

While creating TermStar dictionaries you can:

a) Compile multilingual dictionaries simultaneously using all the languages supported by Transit and TermStar

b) Import the content from other electronic dictionaries, databases, and files in different formats

c) Customize the dictionary to your requirements

d) Search, filter and sort the dictionary to your liking

e) Create a value list associated with the field.

TermStar works on a Concept-based technology. TermStar focuses entirely on the meaning and not on the terms in each language. It opens a new data record for each concept, not for each term. A concept can contain multiple terms and language versions for one definable object, characteristics or action.



For example a "mouse" can be a computer peripheral device or an animal. Although the "term" is the same, these are totally different objects.

With TermStar, you will have two different records for these two different objects. The likelihood is very high that foreign languages will use different terms for the different meanings.

The TermStar terminology system can be scaled to adapt to the needs of large companies that want to utilize a central database server (Sybase, MS-SQL and Oracle supported) to allow a large number of users to work on a single terminology system, and at the same time can be scaled to adapt to the needs of freelance translators using the Smart version.

System Requirements:
PC with Intel Pentium 300 MHz processor or higher
Windows 95/98, Windows NT or Windows 2000
RAM: minimum 64 MB RAM for Windows 95/98, Windows NT,
Windows 2000; recommended - 128 MB
Free disk space: 120 MB

For a review of TermStar benefits and key advantages go to: vorteile/benefit-company.html

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