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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Free Remotely Hosted Search Engine for Your Web Site - SiteLevel

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Hosted Search Engine Service
FREE + paid version

SiteLevel is a hosted search solution for Web sites having less than 1,000 pages of content. The search engine can index HTML, DOC and PDF files as well.

The search engine can be fully customized to reflect the "look and feel" of your web site and relevancy algorithms can be tweaked to control how pages are ranked internally.

The free version integrates ads in search results pages. The paid version (Sitelevel Pro) does not contain ads and costs from 4.99 to 39.99/month depending on the number of pages to be indexed on your site.

To check all features available and compare them across the free and paid versions, go to:

To see Sitelevel Pro in action in a real site go to:
University of Alabama

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