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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Creating Professional Glossaries with Babylon Builder
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A Babylon glossary is any significant list of terms and their definitions, successfully submitted and published in the Babylon Indexes. Babylon's glossaries range from professional to fun, covering topics such as Translation & Languages, Business & Economy, Entertainment and many more. Babylon currently has thousands of top-class glossaries, contributed by its loyal community of users.

Babylon offers over 1,700 ready-made dictionaries & glossaries that can be integrated and utilized with the Babylon tool. Glossaries can be added by either subscribing (and accessing them only when connected to the Internet) or by downloading them (and being able to access them at anytime).

To view more, click here for the Babylon Glossary Index.

How to Build a Babylon Glossary

First thing to do to build a glossary while utilizing Babylon is to have Babylon Pro installed and to download the Babylon Builder tool at: download.cgi?101

The Babylon Builder is an application in which you can build customized glossaries to be used in Babylon Tool. The glossaries you build can be submitted to Babylon's Glossary Index to be published on the Babylon Web site. The creation of a quality Glossary in a specialized knowledge niche can provide a significant boost to create traffic to your site. Tap into the huge market of Babylon users by positioning yourself as an expert in your field.

Babylon has over 120 million Babylon views per month and well planned exposure on its Web site can have long lasting effects. It is also possible to link any word in your glossary's definitions back to your Web site, and to create traffic to your Web site from the many Babylon users.

The more interesting and attractive your glossary is, the more qualified traffic you maybe able to gain: Incorporate pictures ( Bitmap, JPEG, ICO) in your glossary. Choose a special icon for your glossary, or create one of your own.

If you have an existing glossary in either text or HTML format that you want to submit to Babylon, you can do so easily using the Import option from the Babylon Builder.

For help write to:

Glossary Builder's Reward Plan
As stated on the Babylon Web site users who submit high quality glossaries to Babylon's Glossary Index are eligible to free Babylon-Pro licenses, and may win prizes up to $1,000.



Requirements For Uploading Glossaries
Only glossaries that meet the following requirements will be uploaded to the Babylon Glossary Index:

1) Contain at least 50 entries (for topic glossaries)

2) Contain at least 300 entries (for language dictionaries)

3) Are of an acceptable quality

4) Comply with copyright laws

5) Honor basic human ethics

Babylon PRO license pricing reminder:
One-Year - USD 17.95
Two-Year - USD 28.95
Perpetual - USD 44.95

Download free trial of Babylon at: id=95&tree=57&level=2
Babylon FREE trial works for 15-days.

Download the free Babylon Builder at: download.cgi?101

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2007-12-13 19:13:05

Ashot Nersessian

There are many explanations how to create a babylon glossary instead of giving an example of a text-glossary file. This would eliminate the necessity to give lengthy explanations.

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