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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Virtual screen ruler for graphics work on-screen

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I have used and known this tool for many years, and I have had it on my traveling CDs since the longest time. As I would not leave without WinZip, I have had the need for a long time to have an easy and effective way to measure visual elements on the screen.

Screen Ruler does this and it does it well. Screen Ruler is an extensible virtual ruler, which you can set to stay on top of all applications. It is possible to set the unit of measurements that it uses, and can be easily flipped horizontally or vertically. It does require a good eye to see exactly how many pixels you are off, but it has made my job a hundred times easier many times more.

Works well for both the novice and the advanced user.

See a Screen Ruler screen shot at:

Highly recommended.

You can download Screen Ruler for Windows free at:

If you own a Mac your download is at: sr205PPC.sit.hqx

A more advanced release version is available for both Win and Mac users at a very low registration price (USD $ 15).



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2006-09-15 03:59:50

Roderick C Wahr

I have ordered and paid by Paypal through the site. I did not get any confirmation of the order from microfox. After emailing them I still have not heard anything and did not receive the product. Their other vendor at will not handle it either since it was not a payment through them. So, be very careful with this product! I feel duped for US$ 24.95 that I paid by Paypal.

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