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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Translators Resource for Global Dictionaries and Glossaries

Translation and Internationalization Tools - Part IV

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This is a web site designed primarily for translators. It offers over 1650 dictionaries which can also act as glossaries.

Check the Glossaries and words list catalog at:

The glossaries are subdivided in topical categories and you can select the language you are looking for. I searched for Internet glossaries in Italian and I found three. I then looked for Marketing glossaries in Malay or Thai but found some only in English, Japanese and Spanish.

There is also a section devoted to Idioms, Grammar references and Dictionaries which provides access to smaller set of languages.

There is finally a nice Essay section that offers interesting and useful reading to the novice and professional translators.

I have liked in particular a set of 15 articles written by Roger Chris on "Translation as a Profession". The anthology contains the following short titles:
What is a Translator and What does a Translator Do?
The Life of a Translator
Teaching Translation and Interpretation
Translators and Agencies
Translation and Money
The True Professional
The Future - The Asian Languages
Language Specialist versus Subject Specialist

Though the articles have almost ten years (they date back to 1994) I still found some of the above very interesting, especially for someone like me who is not an expert in this field.

Read them all at:



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i want to learn malay language
at free of cost help me to learn or tell me the sites adresses in which I can learn

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