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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Some useful resources for video capturing, editing and distribution

How to trim, cut and edit a video created with CamStudio
To trim/cut some a video created with CamStudio (.AVI) VirtualDub is highly advised. VirtualDub is a great freeware video editor for editing AVIs. Download it at:

How to save a video in Quicktime or MPEG file format
To save in the QuickTime or Mpeg format you will need third party software to do the conversion. For Quicktime movies, you may use QuickTime Pro from //

For Mpeg, there is a free AVI to MPEG converter on the internet. Go to:


How to convert AVI files to Windows Media files
To convert AVI files to Windows Media files (.ASF .WMV) for streaming on the Internet you may use the free Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 7 to convert AVI files to ASF or WMV format. Windows Media Encoder is available without charge at:
// windowsmedia/en/wm7/encoder.html



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