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Sunday, June 30, 2002

New P2P tool allows safe sharing of work files

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In support of peer-to-peer file sharing, BadBlue supports a protocol called Gnutella. BadBlue is a combination web server, office document transcoding engine and Gnutella server. These capabilities make BadBlue an easy, effective and secure way to share files, especially in distributed office environments.
Because BadBlue is among the first server to support security, IP restrictions and access control, it can be used in a variety of enterprise file-sharing applications.

BadBlue PE is a free download that is the easiest way to share files. It supports searching, peer-to-peer sharing and is a complete, secure web server. BadBlue PE converts Word documents to HTML automatically. Best of all, PE can be customized with its support of HTML, CGI, PHP, etc.

Its key features are:

1) Let others search your machine (for only the files and folders you specify) instantly

2) Search other machines for their shared files

3) Publish your own web site, running on your machine

4) Learn, develop and deploy HTML, PHP, CGI, ISAPI and other web technologies

5) Publish Access, Excel and Word data into HTML live

6) Downloads and installs in seconds

7) Lets you password-protect your files

Note that the FREE Personal Edition only includes a free preview of instant Word, Excel and Access publishing which you can find fully functioning in the BadBlue Enterprise Edition (USD $ 39.99).

BadBlue PE is the first peer-to-peer, file-sharing web server.
BadBlue PE includes a free preview of the Office file sharing features of BadBlue Enterprise Edition: Access, Excel and Word data is converted into HTML live and published directly to the web.



Being a full-blown web server, BadBlue is completely customizable and capable of powering PHP, Perl and other web applications.

The Enterprise edition is meant for organizations interested in full Office web publishing capabilities, enterprise security, data push (file uploads) and more customization options.

Among other features of this unique web server software:

Definition of user accounts
Control access to files and folders by user
Access restriction by IP address (wildcards supported)
Definition of virtual directories
PHP, ISAPI extension, and CGI support
CLF web server logging
Directory browsing
Access to the Gnutella network

A nice set of short tutorials with screenshots of the software is accessible at:

Download BadBlue free at:

Learn more about privacy risks in music and file sharing.

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