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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Live Translating Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Search Tool

Translation and Internationalization Tools - Part IV

= breakthrough tool
Online service and Software (Win & Mac & Unix)

LookWAYup is a dictionary, thesaurus, and translation search tool that allows web site owners to make their web pages enriched by a dictionary, thesaurus and translation function that becomes invisibly embedded in all the content of their Web pages.

Visitors to the Web site can simply double click any word in the text to access LookWAYup functionalities which include an immediate dictionary reference, synonyms and translation to other languages.

With a double-click you can look-up the meaning of a word, or a phrase, search it on the page or the whole Web using your favorite search engine, check whether books have been written on the subject.

LookWAYup is available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese, this service is free to persons and organizations with less than 25 potential users and with a daily usage of less than 1,000 lookups per day.

LookWAYup works on Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Opera version 4 and above on Windows, Unix, and Mac.

There are two ways to enable LookWAYup for you:

1) Webmasters can enable their site instantly, and visitors can then use the functionality without requiring any software of their own. To do it go to:



2) You can make LookWAYUp a permanent part of your browser in 10 seconds, without installing software; it then works on virtually any web site you visit.
To do it go to:

Use of this software as it is currently configured is free to small sites (having fewer than 1000 visits per day). For non-profit volunteer organizations, fees are waived for sites having up to 25,000 visits per day, but you must register with us. Licensing lets visitors to your site use the full version, with translation, on your site.

This may be indeed a uniquely valuable tool in providing additional rich and relevant content to your web site, and to provide quality customer service to your web site visitors.
Highly indicated for schools and training institutions this tool allows to add a valuable feature, at no cost and transparently to the look your web site.


Nothing major to report here. A small Javascript must be installed on all the pages of your Web site to enable them to this unique service. While the script is only one line of code it could still affect loading performance lor even access to your Web pages when the LookWAYup service will be down. Just to keep in mind.

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