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Sunday, June 30, 2002

International Dictionaries Directory

Translation and Internationalization Tools - Part IV

Onelook Dictionaries
= interesting, promising
Online service

While OneLook does not have the breadth of coverage offered by Xlation, it still provides access to over 700 dictionaries.

OneLook offers direct access to dictionary definitions for all terms in Italian, French, Spanish, English, German and Chinese. It also offers the ability to translate terms from most languages.

You can browse directly the Dictionaries section at:
This section offers a long scrollable page of annotated links subdivided in topical/interest categories.

Not all words in all languages can be found through these dictionaries since OneLook® Dictionaries is not what we may tend to expect from these type of tools. What these free online dictionaries web site offer is a directory and custom search engine that finds on-line dictionaries most appropriate for your search.

Remember therefore that in most cases the actual dictionaries are provided by other web sites.



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