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Sunday, June 30, 2002

Free software jewel to measure, align, analyze and view any visual element present on-screen

Support Tools for Digital Image Editors

= breakthrough tool
Software (Win)

Meazure is a highly professional screen measurement toolkit.

Meazure is very rich in features and allows the precise and automatic measurement of any area or object on a computer screen.

Meazure can be set to measure distances across the screen, windows, dialog boxes or specified regions.

As you launch Meazure, your mouse cursor will start to immediately display screen coordinates in real-time telling you exactly your X and Y coordinates in pixels.

While you move your cursor on screen a magnifying tool displays the areas you are hovering with your mouse. The zoom enlargement can be easily controlled and set between two or 32 times the original size.

Integrated is a color picker which is able to immediately provide you with information (RGB or hexadecimal values) about the color region on which you have placed your mouse cursor.

Among other unique features displayed by this great little tool is the ability to selectively turn on or off a vertical and horizontal ruler on both sides of the screen as well as a complete grid (you can customize its dimensions) covering the whole computer display.



Everything inside Meazure can be customized to one's own liking. Rulers, crosshairs, units, grids and even the ruler itself and its calibration can be precisely set inside the program.

I find the tool to be a jewel in its kind and a pleasure to use for anybody doing any serious imaged editing work.

This is a truly a jewel. Worth every second of its download time.
Highly Recommended.

System Requirements
- Pentium 200 MHz processor or higher
- Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT 4 / 2000 / XP
- Internet Explorer 4.01 or above (for online Help)
- 32 MB memory or higher
- 4 MB video memory or higher
- 5.5 MB disk space

Meazure includes extensive online help. The program's Help menu provides access to the table of contents and index, as well as a search capability. In addition, context sensitive help is available using the F1 key, the SHIFT+F1 keys, and the What's This item on the Help menu.

Meazure can be downloaded for free at:

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