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Sunday, June 30, 2002

File Management Made Easy

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Easy Rename
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Software (Win)

With this utility you can rename groups of your files fast and easy. You may change filename to lower, upper or large case, insert text and incremented numbers, replace extensions and more.

Here are some examples what can be done with Easy Rename.

Easy Rename can change all of your designated files names to be in Upper case, lower case or so-called Large case (also known as Title case).
Source filename: "Example Filename.ext"
Large case:
Example: "Example Filename.ext"
Upper case:
Lower case:
Example: "example filename.ext"

Easy Rename can also change ' ' to '_':
It can replace whitespace symbol with underline symbol in all filenames in list (and vice versa).
Example: "Example_Filename.ext"

Finally, it can insert short text string into filenames. Text can be inserted at user defined position.

Examples: At begin of filename: "SometextExample Filename.ext".
At end of filename: "Example FilenameSometext.ext".
At user defined position: "FilenameSometext.ext".

Download Easy Rename 1.3 at: ERSetup.exe

You can also register the product for USD $ 9.95 which gets rid of the nag screens and providing some additional features.



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