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Friday, May 31, 2002

End of Free e-mail

Having your personal e-mail address for less than $15 a year

If you are looking for an online service offering you the possibility to have your personalized e-mail account, like I have something to suggest.

First of all I suggest you to read the following article:
"The Golden Age Of Free Email Is Coming To An End"

It is an interesting article that explains why free e-mail services such as Yahoo or HotMail are such poor and unreliable choices for a serious professional. It also provides a very simple and clear method on how to a get a personalized e-mail that can serve you reliably for years at less than USD $15 per year.

The concept is as follows:

- I purchase a domain for about $9.00 a year from a registrar which allows for email forwarding. NameCheap is one of these.
Let's say I registered ""
(this is my last name)

- Park the web site on their server. This presents a single page which says the site is under construction.

- Use the NameCheap system to forward all incoming email to
"" to my own personal ISP email account.

What is the advantage of this? Since everyone will be sending email to, you can change ISP's all you want. You don't have to worry about changing your email address - you only have to change the one forwarding address.

To support your general e-mail needs one particularly valuable solution is also Everyone.Net at:

Richard Lowe of says about it:

"Personally, I love the service provided by For about $40 a year, you get your own domain name and ten full- featured POP3 email accounts. You can use your own email program (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or whatever you prefer) or you can read your messages on the web using a simple interface. Everyone.Net also has a very simple filtering capability, which I've found is great for getting rid of the spam. This service is perfect for someone who needs a lot of email accounts without any effort, perhaps for a family or group of friends."



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