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Sunday, March 31, 2002

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How to create PDF files without Adobe Acrobat - Part II

In this article:

1. Acrobat/PDF Libraries
2. Planet PDF
3. Free Acrobat Tips Booklet

Acrobat/PDF Libraries

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PC & Mac

Besides Adobe's, numerous third-party libraries can also produce PDF directly. This libraries are basically piece of programming code that can be utilized by advanced developers to integrate PDF making functionalities inside software tools and online applications you may be consider to develop.

You can find an exhaustive list of these Adobe-independent PDF libraries at: WebPageID=450

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Planet PDF
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Online resource

If you are having general questions about the use of Acrobat and PDF files, here is one online resource that has been my point of reference for the last four years.

You will find all of the answers you maybe looking for in a neatly categorized tip list. Advanced users of Acrobat technology will benefit from the community of PDF experts who share information and resources on document management, document level JavaScript, server side (dynamic) PDFs, forms and other advanced issues. Special sections are devoted to PDFs online versus PDFs in print. There are areas of the site to get tips on various topics such as how to save your PDF from the web and converting HTML to PDF.

If you need software, a consultant, or tutorials and reference works, you'll find them here, as well as 550+ PDF tools and plug-ins available for download. The home page also gives the latest news in the world of PDF.

Worth a visit is PlanetPDF sister site, Planet Publish: a brand new web site focusing on electronic publishing design.

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Free Acrobat Tips Booklet AcroTips_booklet.pdf
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Online resource (PDF)

Though this resource came out over two years ago, it is still and interesting and valuable resource for all those of you using Adobe Acrobat, but yet unfamiliar with some of the basic features and possibilities. This PDF booklet is beautifully laid out and it does also contain interesting and useful information on how to convert many file types to PDF.

This 22-page booklet covers a range of software applications - including specific tips - that are commonly used to produce files that can be easily converted to PDF documents.

Some interesting topics covered in this free booklet are:

Streamlining Document Review and Mark-up
Annotation Tools
Mark-up Tools
Thumbnails and Bookmarks
Comparing Adobe PDF Documents
Digital Signatures
Distributing Adobe PDF Documents
E-mailing Adobe PDF Documents
Distributing Adobe PDF Documents Worldwide
plus all of the basic steps required in converting any
Microsoft Office application into a PDF file

Download this free booklet at: AcroTips_booklet.pdf
[PDF: 262kb]

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