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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Tools To Translate Your Web Site

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Translation tools and online resources - Part IV

In this article:

1. SYSTRANET for the Web
3. WordReference for your Website
4. Web Translator
5. InterTran

SYSTRANET for the Web
= worth knowing

Surf the Internet with SYSTRANET for the Web in the 10 most popular language pairs and become more informed about news, business, travel, politics, art, or whatever information you need or just have some fun!

Bi-directional USD $30
5 Language Pairs USD $49.00
CD-ROM Version 5 Language Pairs USD $69.00

How to use it:

1) Open the web page you would like to translate.

2) Launch SYSTRANET from the icon tray.

3) Select translation options.

4) Click Translate and your translation will appear on-screen within seconds.

System requirements:
Pentium or compatible Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Recommended 32 MB RAM
20 MB hard disk space per language pair

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Translation for Web sites
= interesting, promising

SYSTRANLinks Silver adds a "Translation Button" to your entire Web site enabling visitors to click and receive an instantly translated web page on their browsers.

Through this method, you can virtually make your web site multilingual in a few minutes.

Simple and easy-to-use. Offer dynamic and on-the-fly translation. All site updates are taken into account for each translation request. No grammatical or linguistic knowledge required.

There are three solutions available: Free, Silver and Gold.

1) With the Free SYSTRANLinks service option you get:

Free translation up to 16kb of data (about 8 pages of unformatted text) for up to 5 selected web pages.

5 bidirectional language pairs (English- European languages): English <=> French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.

Translates Web pages up to 16Kb.

The translated Web page carries an advertising banner.

It has a very simple and automatic installation procedure.
SYSTRAN servers are located in Europe and the USA.

2) The SILVER service option offers the following unique benefits:

Integrate hundreds of words in a user dictionary.

20,000 translation requests (or 200Mb) per month.

Translates webpages up to 32Kb (about 16 pages of unformatted text) for all the eb pages of your Web site.

It carries a SYSTRAN banner.

It integrates a Personal Dictionary for up to 100 words.

The annual subscription cost for SYSTRANLINKS Silver is USD $999.

Two packages are available: -
English-European:English <=> French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.

Free 6 day trial available.

3) The GOLD service option offers the following unique benefits:

14 bidirectional language pairs:
English <=> French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
English <=> Chinese, Japanese, Korean
French <=> English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch

500,000 translation requests per month allowed.

It translates web pages as big as 64 KB or about 32 unformatted text pages.

It provides topical glossaries.

It integrates a Personal Dictionary for up to 10,000 words.

It does not require the display of any promotional or advertising banner.

Integration of your multilingual terminology.

"Do Not Translate" feature for terms and expressions not to be translated. (for company names such as "Apple", "Sun", "Virgin"... )

Prices: 4 tiers according to the volume of daily translations.

Free 6 day trial available.


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Get WordReference for your Website
= worth knowing

WordReference for your web site is a service that allows your web site visitors to easily translate any word on the page to another language by simply double clicking on any word they choose.

The service is capable of remembering user translation language preferences by the use of cookies and to automatically translate any selected word to the language set on the user computer.

Not only a translation is provided for the word, but also a definition and a number of example phrases in which the word is used. Also a list of alternative or similar words is displayed to help researchers unsure of their spelling in a different language.

Visitors to your web site will be prompted on the Status Bar (bottom of your browser screen) by a "Double-click any word for a definition or translation" message appearing in each of your Wordreference activated pages.

To enable this service, you do not need to redesign your web site and you can limit the implementation of the Wordreference service to a set of selected web pages. The only requirement is the installation of a Javascript snippet (piece of programming code) inside the HTML code of the selected web pages. With the free code provided, you can modify your site in under an hour.

It supports English to Spanish, German, Italian and French.

WordReference primarily uses professional definitions and translations from the Collins line of dictionaries from HarperCollins Publishing. The Dictionaries used are first quality and include: the Collins Large English Dictionary (unabridged), the Collins Concise Spanish Dictionary, the Collins Large German Dictionary (unabridged), the Collins Italian Dictionary and the Collins French Dictionary.

System requirements:

Wordreference for your web site requires Version 4+ of Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer under Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT. (It doesn't show up and has no effect for other users with older browser versions.)

The service is completely free.

(This free service sustains itself by providing commercial ads in the translation pages provided when using it.)

Get WordReference for your Website

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Web Translator
= interesting, promising

Globalink's product Web Translator runs on an end user's PC-compatible and performs machine translations of Web pages in four languages. A good emergency solution for the end user, but from the Web author's point of view, it fails on two counts: the quality of the translation and the assumption that all of your visitors will own a copy of Web Translator.

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= worth knowing

For corporate customers: Save on translation costs by translating your web pages only once. When you change/update your master pages in your native language, InterTran Web Site Translation Server will translate your web pages on-the-fly regardless of how many changes/updates have been made. This way you can keep all the different language versions of your web pages continously updated and correct.

Server operating systems suppoted: Windows NT or Linux/Unix.

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