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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Professional desktop translation tools

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Translation tools and online resources - Part IV

In this article:

1. Star Transit
2. Transit Satellite PE
3. Transcend Natural Language Translator v2.0
4. MultiTrans
5. TransSuite2000
6. Trados
8. Deja Vu
9. SYSTRAN PROfessional

Star Transit
= interesting, promising

Transit is the core tool of STAR Language Technology products.

Transit is a robust and reliable system for heavy-duty professional translation/localization work which supports more than 100 languages and locales including Asian, Middle Eastern and Eastern European.

How does it work? Transit uses a single translation process for all languages and all requirements.

Import Transit extracts (filters) the formatting information from the source document supporting practically all popular desktop publishing, word-processing and standard file formats.

The filter (one for each type of file format) separates the text and formatting information. As a result of the filtering process you have text (content) in XML format, i.e. text + XML tags.

During import, Transit automatically replaces source text with a translation you have already done. Transit stores any original texts and their past translation in the Translation Memory.

Translate Transit helps you to translate your content while providing you with:

Transit reapplies the formatting information to the translated text during the export process. Thus, you get a translated document ready for editing in its original format with minimal effort.

Standard Transit filters include the following: AmiPro, WordPro, ANSI/ASCII, C & other Source Code, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, HTML/SGML/XML, Ventura Publisher, WordPerfect, FTF/Help, Windows Resource Files, Xyvision. TRANSIT and TermStar are both networkable.

Both versions of TRANSIT include 2 of 18 dictionaries of your choice for the spell checking function.

System Requirements:
Intel Pentium 133 MHz
Windows 95/98, Windows NT or Windows 2000
RAM: min 32 MB RAM for Windows 95, 48 MB for others
recommended - 128 MB
Free disk space: 80 MB
Supports all common networks: Windows NT, Novell Netware, IBM LAN, SUN NFS.

Find Transit software distributors and resellers at:

Transit and TermStar 3.0 Professional Translation Memory System with Fuzzy Matching $1071

Transit and TermStar 3.0 WorkStation Translation Editor, no Import/Export Functions $598

Transit and TermStar 3.0 SMART Version Transit and TermStar for Freelancers - Not Networkable $598

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Transit Satellite PE produkte/TransitXV.html
= interesting, promising

Transit Satellite PE (Personal Edition) was developed for freelancers who cooperate or are going to cooperate with translation agencies or other organizations.

With Transit Satellite PE, a freelancer can receive projects, do his/her translation and send the project back to the project manager in the translation agency.

Transit Satellite PE fits perfectly with the concept of work sharing between different disciplines: project manager / translator / reviewer / DTP specialist.

Transit Satellite PE has not been conceived as a 'stand- alone' product. It can only be used in connection with a Transit Professional Version in which the translation project will be prepared. For this reason self-contained translation providers are directed to Transit Professional or Transit Smart for their needs.

Satellite PE is also available for download free of charge to freelancers you may wish to engage anywhere in the world. With this product you can immediately add resources skilled in Transit language technology where and when needed to enhance your competitiveness and efficiency.

How can you learn to use Transit Satellite PE? An electronic tutorial is available to provide a fast orientation in STAR Language Technology to newcomers and particularly to guide your learning on Satellite PE. Download this file at the same time as you download Satellite PE.

DOWNLOAD NOW at: support/Transit-SAT-PE.html

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Transcend Natural Language Translator v2.0
= interesting, promising

Transcend enables you to get fast, accurate translations of documents, e-mail, Web pages and more.

Transcend customizable dictionaries and robust linguistic technology produce quality draft translations while preserving the page formatting and graphics of your original documents.

Transcend may be installed on a network server so that multiple users may access the program and share dictionary resources.

Accurate: Analyzes sentences then translates words and phrases in context.

Translates most popular file types while preserving document formatting and graphics.

Easy To Use:
Works within Microsoft Word and WordPerfect and supports most Web browsers.

Flexible: Powerful customization capability allows Transcend to improve translations as you use it.

Transcend price: USD$ 295

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= worth knowing

MultiTransTM is a user-friendly and powerful second generation Translation Memory system. Contrary to traditional Translation Memory systems, MultiTrans does not build a laborious database of pre-aligned sentences. It indexes previously translated documents, creating a bilingual reference corpus, that allows the user to make full-text search and retrieval of words, expressions and sentences.

MultiTrans quickly indexes and searches through previously-translated reference documents. You can extract translations from your previously-translated documents and create your own equivalency database.

You can also perform pre-translation in a document to be translated and automatically compare it against all indexed reference documents, not only at the sentence level, but also at the expression level, yielding more replacements!

MultiTransTM consists of three modules:

1. TransCorporaTM module is a proprietary, powerful search engine that allows you to store previously translated documents and carry out full-text searches within those documents.

2. TermBaseTM module allows you to create and manage multilingual terminology data banks.

3. TransTermTM module integrates MultiTrans functions right into your word processor.

MultiTrans is available for sale at USD $689.

Download 30-day trial version (5.45 MB) at: emttrialregistration.php3

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= interesting, promising

Trans Suite 2000 is a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool which enables translators to deliver quality translations faster, more reliably and more consistently than ever before.

It's not only one translation tool, but a whole suite of tools that manage every aspect of translation business.

Trans Suite 2000 makes sure that you never have to translate the same sentence twice. While you are working, the system learns the language. The more you translate, the less you have to translate later.

Trans Suite 2000 integrates the following modules:

1) TRANS Suite 2000 Editor
This is an easy to use interface for all your documents. Everything you need is on one screen: source, target, dictionaries and fuzzy matching.

2) TRANS Suite 2000 Align
Align is a FREE dynamic aligning tool. You can build Translation Memories from previous translated documents, no matter in which file format they are.

3) TRANS Suite 2000 DSU (Dictionary Setup Utility)
This is a Dictionary creator. Dictionaries can be created before you translate a text. The terms are sorted by frequency, and for every new term, DSU will give you the context, so you know exactly what to translate. (TRANS Suite 2000 DSU is also available as a stand-alone application.)

4) TRANS Suite 2000 Master Dictionary Editor
This is a terminology management system. You can add multiple target terms, attributes (gender, creator, subject, client,), pictures, sound, video, etc.

5) TRANS Suite 2000 Master Translation Memory Editor
The Memory editor gives you full control on every sentence you have ever translated. You can do global replaces, edit a translation unit, change attributes, etc.

6) TRANS Suite 2000 Management System (TSMS)
This is a tool that allows you to get statistical information from your Dictionaries and Translation Memories. Creators, creation and change dates, etc?. TSMS also manages all databases and projects, recovers from computer system failures, gives tips about backups, compacts your databases for faster access, keeps track of modified segments for easy reviewing.

Trans Suite 2000 supports TMX and OpenTag.

Trans Suite 2000 is priced EU 899.
A trial CD is EU 50 (valid only for Europe).
The DSU Dictionary Creator is EU 249.

Download a trial version of Trans Suite 2000 (17.1 MB) at: index.htm

Download a free basic Translation memory tool.
TRANS Suite 2000 Align (6,49 MB)

This is a FREE dynamic aligning tool where you can build Translation Memories from previous translated documents, no matter in which file format they are. freealgn.htm

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= must have

Trados 5 Freelance ($ 795) from Trados Corp. of Alexandria Va., is a good translation software that lets you set up your own database. A corporate license costs $ 4950. Trados translation quality can be very high depending on the quality of the database built around it.

Trados is one of the leading software tools capable of supporting the many tasks involved in executing professional translations.

Trados utilizes a "translation memory" to build up an ever growing and highly customized database of phrases and sentences that do not require future re-translation time.

The program allows translators to keep working with their favourite word processing tool (e.g.: Microsoft Word).

Trados supports most of the world languages from Afrikaans to Zulu and including Chinese, Russian, Thai, Arabic and Japanese.

TRADOS software is also capable of tapping into pre-existing translated materials to rapidly build-up a useful translation-memory bank to tap into. This feature by itself, it is worth uncalculable amounts of money as it truly leverages the work and translation effort carried out in the past, by making the foundation and key resource for all future work.

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SDLX home.asp
= breakthrough tool

SDLX is an innovative and user-friendly Computer Aided Translation tool which increases efficiency by allowing the re-use of previously translated phrases and terms.

SDLX project oriented user interface provides easy access to a suite of tools for alignment, editing, analysis etc. without the need to open separate applications during the translation process. SDLX also provides Wizards for common tasks such as project import and export, file analysis, and document translation.

SDLX is the first CAT tool to support bi-directional languages such as Arabic and Hebrew.

The program is highly robust and reliable. It has built a reputation over the years for these very characteristics.

In addition to online help and tutorials, SDLX users are supported by a team of consultants, available to advise on both technical and functional aspects of the product.

Not only does SDLX support the use of Translation Memory, but it also supports the industry standard Translation Memory Exchange (TMX), making Translation Memories easily portable between different translation software.

It also supports the use of OpenTag, a standard for extracting text for translation and enabling cross leveraging of different file formats. SDLX is also fully compatible with Windows 2000, Office 2000 and XML/SGML.

Very user-friendly.

With SDLX you can call on Machine Translation to help when Translation Memory cannot. Machine Translation, incorporated within SDLX, adds an extra tool to increase your translation efficiency. It comes complete with a standard dictionary and a dictionary editing function that enables you to customize your own.

PowerPoint Filter
You can easily export text from PowerPoint allowing you to translate it before replacing it in its original PowerPoint format.

Purchase price for 1 copy of SDLX Standard Version is USD $595.
There is also a Professional Version priced at USD $ 1195.

An Elite Version is available designed specifically for translation agencies and corporate organizations who need a Translation Memory tool for all their translators. (USD $2995)

Find all pricing info at: products-and-services/sdlx/ products-pricing.htm

Download a 20-day trial version of SDLX at: products-and-services/downloads/

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Deja Vu
= interesting, promising

Conceptually, Deja Vu is an inexhaustible, infallible and instantly accessible extension to the translator's memory, complementing his or her skills rather than replacing them.

At any time during the course of a translation, you can ask Deja Vu to tell you whether you have translated a specific sentence or expression (or a similar one) in the past, and have it immediately display the previous translation if this is the case. This results in increasing productivity for the translator, who is relieved of the repetitive parts of translation, and can therefore concentrate on the creative aspects.

Deja Vu goes one step beyond traditional TM tools. While other systems only display exact and fuzzy matches, Deja Vu intelligently uses the memory database, terminology database and project lexicon to increase the quality of fuzzy matches by working with smaller segments and words.

Deja Vu's other unique features include:

The Learn function intelligently evaluates source and target sentences in the memory database to give you the most probable translation for an unresolved term in the lexicon, or for an untranslated expression in the source text - based on your own translations.

Propagate a new translation (which was not in the memory database when you pre-translated the project) across all the files in a project. Fuzzy propagation (to similar sentences) is also available.

As an integrated environment, Deja Vu offers all the features you expect in a word processor, including AutoText, search and replace and spell checking.

Extensive project navigation features allow you to view the sentences in your project in context or sorted alphabetically and to place bookmarks in the document to return instantly to specific places.

Deja Vu includes TermWatch, a full fledged terminology management module that is also accessible from other Windows applications. With a single mouse click you can access all of your terminology from within Deja Vu.

Project lexicon
Using a project lexicon makes the translation process more consistent and improves the efficiency of Deja Vu. It can also be used to generate glossaries for customers or to create terminology databases from projects.

Project management
Extensive project management options which simplify the completion of large, multifile and multilingual translation projects. Work with several translators on a single project in different languages, or with several translators in the same language on a single project. Distribute satellite projects and receive/distribute new database entries as separate text files.

Sentence locking enables the project manager to prevent the translation of specific sentences.

Export whole projects into Word documents, and re-import them after checking the spelling and grammar.

Project statistics
Count words and characters per file or per project, both source and target, with project and file totals. Save the report for invoicing and statistics. Also, analyze a project's internal repetition factor.

Support for multiple file format support
Deja Vu can build and handle projects for Word (including Word 2000), RTF, Help Contents, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Interleaf, Java Properties files, HTML (including ASP and embedded JavaScript and VBScript code), HTML Help, SGML and XML, RC, C/C++/Java, IBM TM, Trados WorkBench, and plain text files.

Import and export from the Deja Vu databases into a wide variety of formats, including the industry standard TMX.

All Deja Vu programs support SQL queries and commands for maintenance and filtering.

Deja Vu supports all of the languages currently supported in Windows 95/98/NT4/2000, including bi-directional languages (Arabic and Hebrew).

Deja Vu runs under Windows 95/98/NT4/2000. For optimum performance, a Pentium II processor with 64Mb of RAM is recommended.

Atril provides free lifetime unlimited technical support for Deja Vu.

Commercial price for one license of Deja Vu is EU 990.

Download a 30-day evaluation copy of Deja Vu at: evalregister.asp

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SYSTRAN PROfessional Standard.html Premium.html
= interesting, promising

SYSTRAN PROfessional Standard and Premium software packages are translation tools that can support the needs of a small business or organization.

Systran PROfessional provides easy-to-use translation software that allows users to translate e-mail, letters and documents interactively or send a file off to translation with one click of a mouse.

Even more, SYSTRAN PROfessional Standard contains a built-in option that allows users to create a Customer Specific Dictionary (CSD) with their own personalized words and expressions, that will override the product's default meanings to ensure increased accuracy in translations.

Systran PROfessional preserves the original document layout during translation and supports ASCII, ANSI, RTF, and HTML files.

Some key features of this program:

Translates 2,280 words per minute with a Pentium processor.

You can create user-defined dictionaries with customized words and expressions that override the default built-in meanings.

There are 20 industry-specific topical glossaries for context sensitive translations.

It has plug-ins for Microsoft Office Suite, Eudora E-mail and Netscape web pages.

It has filters for translation memory tools.

System requirements:
Pentium or compatible
Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Recommended 32 MB RAM
20 MB hard disk space per language pair

Price is $ 250 for a bidirection language translation pair.
Price is $ 350 for all language pairs available.
English to and from
Spanish Standard.html

The Premium version has the following extra benefits:

Multi-target word and phrase dictionaries contain more than 1.5 million entries

Create user-defined dictionaries with customized words and expressions that override the default built-in meanings.

20 industry-specific topical glossaries for context sensitive translations.

Retains original document format Supports various file formats:

The Premium version adds translation support for Japanese, Korean, Russian and Chinese to the basic Standard language pairs (see above).

Price is USD $ 999 to USD $ 3350 depending on the number of language pairs purchased.
( systran-pricing.htm)

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