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Monday, December 31, 2001

FREE demo Multilingual chat systems

Translation services and low-cost tools - Part III

In this article:

1. Amichat Demo
2. The Pacific Grove Multilingual Chat Room
3. WorldLingo Multilingual Chat

Amichat Demo
= breakthrough tool

The AmiChat Demo offers the opportunity to chat online with friends or colleagues that do not speak your same language. The translation is instantaneous and good enough for simple chat exchanges.

The languages supported are English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Italian and Portuguese or in a separate chat room English, Korean and Japanese (Obviously you must have the proper font sets installed to view Korean and Japanese characters).

The demo version allows a normal chat exchange without any particular limitation. Being a demo version open to the public it does not allow you to talk in private (there are only two rooms available) and to avoid that others come to try out the service while you are there. Nonetheless being a demo it is very well worth a try and in some situations it can be a lifesaver right now as it is.

Amichat interface is simple, slick and well designed.
Unobtrusive and simple to understand. Highly usable. There are also number of interesting and useful features not normally found in other chat environments. Among these:

a) emoticons (graphical icons conveying emotional messages)

b) "Huh?" buttons - to let the person know that you did not understand the translated message.

c) flag selection to identify your nationality

d) automatic translation in more than one language

e) Private button - allows private conversation

f) Do not translate button - Enter text in between < >'s to keep parts of your messages from being translated. For example, if you want to say my brother, "Ray," but do not want his name to be translated (as in "ray of light"), you can click this button or type "<Ray>."

To use Amichat insert any user name up to six characters and select the multilingual chat room of your choice.

To get into the service click on the home page, next to the word Demos (bottom center), where there is the label "Amichat".

See Amichat and other services implementations at: portal/amichat.jsp


Do you want to talk with crystal clear voice to anyone around the world with a PC connected to the Internet?

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The Pacific Grove Multilingual Chat Room
Web Service
= breakthrough tool

A multilingual chat room demo that offers enough for actually carrying out an international chat session with partners that do not speak your same language.

An advanced control window can be turned on, allowing for a some extra functionalities to be controlled.
These include, choice of font face and size, use of sound, co-browsing selected web sites, paging, and translation deactivation.
Supports simultaneous translations to and from English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.

It works.

Do you want to talk with crystal clear voice to anyone around the world with a PC connected to the Internet?

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WorldLingo Multilingual Chat
MultiLingual Chat System
Web Service chat_demo.html
Commercial Service - Price unavailable
= breakthrough tool

Chat online in 10 languages! The power of instantaneous global communication is yours. With WorldLingo's Chat capability, you can now engage in interactive, real-time discussion in all of the world's most popular languages.

WorldLingo Chat is easy to use. You write the message in your language, and your chat partner will instantly see that message in both your language and theirs. They can even choose to view your message in multiple languages.

Chat translation is supported to and from a range of language pairs including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Russian. This represents languages spoken by over 90% of Internet users.

Unfortunately the demo page available online works only between French and English.

This is a commercial service you may want to consider if you are looking for a solid solution to implement on your web site.

Inquiries for pricing should be submitted at: contact_chat.html

Do you want to talk with crystal clear voice to anyone around the world with a PC connected to the Internet?

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2004-10-30 20:31:51

Emilio Angel

Really, it is a great surprise in finding this kind of communications board. Keep on for all the life.

2004-04-01 01:23:35

Dianna Carolinne

Congratulations!!!It's great to see there are pages like this which is really useful for lots of people.

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