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Thursday, November 29, 2001

Low cost translation tools and online services

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Translation services and low-cost tools - Part II

In this article:

1. DoubleView
2. SYSTRAN Personal
3. LogoMedia Translate
4. InterTran
5. WordTran - Word Translator
6. Word Translator for Travellers
7. Fast and Accurate Machine Translator - NeuroTran
8. WorldLingo Browser Translator
9. PROMT Shop

DoubleView - Low cost professional translation and revision tool
Software - WINDOWS
= interesting, promising

DoubleVueTM tools essentially incorporate translation functions within Microsoft Word 97 & 2000.

DoubleVueTM eases the task of translating and editing texts. It is a valuable tool for translators and editors. At any time while you are translating a text, DoubleVue will display the original, non-translated sentence within Microsoft Word 97 & 2000. Editors can scroll through the translated text and at any time, the system can display the sentence in the original text.

How many times have you performed a global Search and Replace of an expression in Microsoft Word 97 & 2000 and found out that Microsoft Word 97 & 2000 had replaced expressions that you didn't want to replace? You then had to check the whole document for these errors.

DoubleVue can also:
a) keep track and organize all original and translated documents;
b) search and retrieve both original and translated documents;
c) compress and send them for revision via E-mail or any other medium.

DoubleView is USD $49.

Download DoubleVue free demo version at: edown_doublevue.html
or Business/MS_Office_Add-ins/ DoubleVue.html
or dis2358.html
or detail_view.asp?application=8397

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SYSTRAN Personal
Software - WINDOWS
= worth knowing

SYSTRAN Personal is a tool that allows you to quickly translate any text file.

It's the easiest way to translate up to 5K of plain text that is cut or copied to the clipboard. The translated text can then be pasted into any application.

SYSTRAN Personal is available in the 10 most popular language pairs and in bi-directional (two-way) configurations.
Language pairs supported:
English French
English German
English Italian
English Portuguese
English Spanish

System requirements:
Pentium or compatible Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Recommended 32 MB RAM
20 MB hard disk space per language pair

SYSTRAN Personal is available as a downloadable product:
Bi-directional USD $30
5 Language Pairs USD $49.00
CD-ROM Version 5 Language Pairs USD $69.00

Download and find more info at:

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LogoMedia Translate
Software WINDOWS
= worth knowing

LogoMedia Translate™ is an automatic translation software in a low-cost, pre-packaged, desktop application.

It provides all the ease-of-use features found in the LogoMedia corresponding online service--such as drag-and-drop, point-and-click, type or paste translation--and it enables you to translate the same files, documents, websites and e-mail messages.

It includes the optional use of technical dictionaries and NetTrans™, which offers on-line access to automatic linguistic updates. Users receive also a free trial usage of the online translation service.

LogoMedia Translate components include:

LogoTrans™ provides the immediate translation of text placed into its window. You don't even have to click a button. Launch it from user-selectable hot keys, or let it automatically translate the contents of the clipboard.

NetTrans™ is your desktop connection to online services at It allows for fast, accurate translations without installing any software or dictionaries to your hard drive.

TransIt™ creates instant translation as you type. When you work with forms and web pages, simply type text in your language and have it entered in another.

FileTrans™ generates batch translations of files or folders, including HTML. Drag a file or directory icon onto the FileTrans window and the translation is automatic. You can even select which file types are to be translated, copied, or ignored.

Translation Engines are provided for each language pair, including language-specific dictionaries and options.

Composite Translation Engine combines pairs to translate even more language pairs. For example, get a Spanish to Japanese translation by translating from Spanish to English and then English to Japanese.

Technical Dictionaries are available for many specialized fields, including Agriculture, Architecture, Biology, Biotechnology, Business, Chemistry, Computers, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Physics, Science, Zoology and many more (not all fields are available for all language pairs).

Plus Select among English, Spanish and Japanese for menus and dialogs an read the online help in English, Spanish or Japanese.

Translate is offered in various versions ranging in price from USD $99 to USD $899 depending on the language and technical-dictionary capabilities you select.

For more info:

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Web service
= worth knowing

InterTran is an online translation service.

Key feature of the NeuroTran translation engine is that it is grammar aware for a selected number of languages and it is normally upgraded on a monthly basis.

Prices are: 30 US$ per month for up to 50,000 translated words and 100 US$ for an unlimited number of translated words.

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WordTran - Word Translator
Software Win/Mac/Unix/Linux
= worth knowing

For individual customers: Increase speed and accuracy of translation by downloading and purchasing a desktop version of InterTran called WordTran. Word Translator (WordTran) supports 676 language pairs so the language pair you need is probably something that WordTran supports.

Word Translator supports a vewry wide range of languages including any combination of the languages listed below:

British English
American English
European Spanish
Latin American Spanish
European Portuguese
Brazilian Portuguese
Romanian / Rumanian
Filipino / Philipino / Tagalog
Hindi (transliteration)
Korean (transliteration)

Choose between: Windows, Mac or Unix/Linux.
676 language pairs
price varies from $ 30 to $ 400 or more per language pair.

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Word Translator for Travellers
Software - Win CE
= worth knowing

If you are a person who travels much and at the same time carries a laptop or palmtop computer that can run Microsoft Windows then you definitely need Word Translator for Travellers. Word Translator for Travellers contains all the important words and phrases that a traveller might need to have translated.

Word Translator for Travellers has the same functionality in terms of software as does Word Translator for Windows. The difference is in the dictionaries supplied with Word Translator for Travellers. The Travellers dictionaries have specially selected words and phrases that a traveller needs. The dictionaries do not take up much hard disk space so that they can fit on most laptop and even palmtop computers. The dictionaries also come in a dictionary pack.

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Fast and Accurate Machine Translator - NeuroTran
Software WINDOWS
= worth knowing

NeuroTran® is a successor of WordTran™ for Windows. Compared to WordTran™ it is smart and will enable users a much higher degree of accuracy during translation. This product is priced somewhat higher than WordTran™ because of its added functionality.

NeuroTran® quickly and accurately translates web pages, e-mail, faxes, memos, manuals, reports, spreadsheets, correspondence, letters and more to and from a foreign language.

NeuroTran® is a high end translation product. It translates sentence-by-sentence by using advanced artificial intelligence rules. NeuroTran® understands what the subject, predicate and object are in a sentence. Based on this and other important information it inflects translations properly and rearranges word order in the translated text as well as chooses an appropriate translation for any given word based on the type of text being translated.

Text Analysis
NeuroTran® analyses the text you wish to translate in order to identify its type, e.g. is it a technical, computer, medical or some other type of text. Once NeuroTran® has performed this analysis it will choose the translations that are more appropriate to the identified type of text. This feature is unique to NeuroTran®.

See screenshots and demo pages from NeuroTran at:

Non-Western Language Fonts and Keyboard Mapping
For non-Western languages (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, etc.) requiring characters not included in the standard Windows ANSI code page you need to have Windows® 2000. Windows® 2000 contains all the fonts and input method editors you need to work with any foreign character set.

Available Language Pairs
NeuroTran® is at the moment available only for the following language pairs: German<->English, French<->English, Spanish<->English, Hungarian<->English and Polish<->English, Croatian<->English, Bosnian<->English, Serbian<->English.

System Requirements
400 MHz or faster PC with 64MB of RAM or more, 50-200MB of hard disk space depending on the language pair and Windows® Me/2000/NT/98/95 operating system. For non-English language support (e.g. Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, etc.) you need to use the Windows® 2000 operating system.

NeuroTran is USD $ 150

To order or do to have extra purchase and shipping info go to: js=1&tbl=1#order

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WorldLingo Browser Translator
Software - WINDOWS browser_tool.html
= interesting, promising

The WorldLingo Browser Translator lets you view web sites in 10 languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English. This represents languages spoken by 90% of Internet users.

The WorldLingo Browser Translator translates all links on a given web site, not just individual pages, so you can view the entire web site in the language of your choice. You can effortlessly browse from page to page and site to site while the translation technology works seamlessly in the background.

The Browser Translator uses the latest in Machine translation technology, bringing you automatic translations in seconds. This service claims to provide you with gisted translations of 70% - 75% accuracy.

Key features:

a) Ability to view the web in any one of 10 languages
b) Pro human translation quotes with every machine translation
c) Entire web site translation, including links
d) Easy to add to your browser
e) One click translates entire web sites
f) Right click text translation selection

Languages pairs supported:
French to English
German to English
Italian to English
Spanish to English
Portuguese to English
Japanese to English
and also
Chinese to English
Russian to English

System Requirements: PC running Windows™ operating system with
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5™ browser

File Size: 113k

Price: USD $19.95/year (unlimited translations)

Purchase/download at: download_bt.html

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PROMT Shop - Russian-centered software translation tools
Software - WINDOWS
= worth knowing

Find here a set of low cost langauge translation software tools which specialize mostly in supporting Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Find here also a language translation software (Pocket PROMT - USD $ 56) for Windows CE powered handhelds including MS Windows© CE 3.x (Pocket PC/Handheld PC 2000), MIPS (NEC, Vr41xx series) / SH3 (Hitachi, PR77xx series) / Strong ARM (Intel, CE11xx series).

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2004-10-19 18:40:44

Mary, translator

I should say that I use Doubleview sometimes to get faster, and it's really good. Of course, I have to edit the results as I see it but it helps me to save some time anyway.

2003-10-20 16:58:29


Which of the translation software do you consider the best for the money?

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