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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Which "truth" is true?

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The New York Twin Tower attack and the Internet as alternative information source

In this article:

1. Are we being told the truth
2. Commercial jet pilots analysis of Twin Tower attack
3. Commercial jet guided as missilies - The AWACS story
4. Free and independent news sources

**Reality fabrication.**

As a communication researcher, I am personally responsible for understanding and making other people aware of the apparent and invisible dangers that traditional and new media technologies play in our own definition of what is REALITY.

The recent destruction of the New York Twin Towers, has prompted such masterminded use of the news and of what people make of it to make them become themselves the best and subtlest instrument of war seeding I have ever witnessed.

Beyond the physical truth of the tragedy that took place on Sept.11th, we hardly realize that the complete plot and reason for this tragedy is far from being really understood.

I have seen the power of the established news media in providing us with a "sellable" story, but not the key detailed facts, figures, questions and points of view that a free reporting news media should really provide me with.

I might even argue that the entire world may have been driven to see reality and to interpret those tragic events in a very calculated way.

The story we've all heard until now, can be constructed and re-delivered in many other possible ways. New media and ICT make this possible and instantaneous. You do not have the time to reflect upon facts as they are announced almost as they happen.

Most of us have lowered the level of our attention, and have taken for granted anything that comes from the media. Namely, television, radio and major newspapers.

We do not question or ask ourselves if we are ever told the complete truth about the events. We may already well know that reality can be reported, shaped and bent in many different ways.

Let's wake up and consider that the media can be a tool towards liberating and communicating ourselves if use them to create the foundations and the networks to build a better world.

One question we may want to ask is: who would benefit from terrorizing Americans? We could argue that a person or entity that desires to put tighter, more extensive and systematic controls over all of us could do such a thing.

Through the use of the Internet, we can question information. We can search for alternative information sources and to hear the voices of people who expose their findings and feelings.

The new media and the Internet have allowed independent researchers, pathfinders and seekers (like me) to make their thoughts and research help others gain an advantage by allowing free access to it.

At present, established trends and paradigms have been shattered by the historic events of September 11. It is worth an investigation to find out the story beyond the surface.

We should be asking why such a tragic event occured?

As a futurist and optimistic researcher, I want to take the opportunity to show possible alternative views available to us through the Internet.

The effective, smart, alternative way to look at things is important (NOT as "prescribed" on the label).

I think that there is space for optimism. The event has begun to take its course of consequences that are hard to stop or counter at this moment. I, like some of you, have taken on the challenge and have looked for more profound answers to the many questions we have all been asking ourselves.

Many of us have started doing positive things within their own networks with the desire to react to this in a constructive way. This is a great unplanned consequence.

The Internet has been used to provide service and support in an unprecedented ways to people directly or indirectly involved in this tragedy from all parts of the world.

The Internet itself is the only strong independent force to be able to spread rapidly counter ideas, know-how and information in a way that can readily affect thousands of people in a matter of hours.

My role is to help people utilize this media in ethical and more effective ways.

To go beyond the given, to question, to search and seek in order to understand before believing all that has been read and heard.

To be faithful to this role and to spark some of your comments and contributions in a matter so personal and relevant to each one of us, I take the courage here to list a number of articles and sources that have provided alternative views and news on the tragic facts of September 11th.

My goal is to make other voices heard and to provoke us to scrutinize the information we're being fed on a daily basis.

The tools are hear to find out. Let's use them!

The alternative news sources I propose are not part of the established multi-national media giants. They do not boast familiar names ending with "Tribune" or "Times", but they provide commentaries, reports and valuable alternative views on the major happenings.

I can understand that some of you will find some of this sources quite a bit out of their assumed standards, and expectations. Some of you may even find them outright offensive. I apologize to those of you. My point is not to offend but to turn on a small light in the opposite direction.

My goals is to say: "Hey, did you know that the news you are being fed everyday may not really be providing you with the full story?"

My point is that your REALITY can easily be constructed by mass media if you are not aware of the dangers of believing everything you see and hear.

So let me provide you here with a colorful selection of articles and news sources you can access in order to get another perspective of the recent events.

Today even some major newspapers have started to publish stories which give a different perspective on the Twin Towers' event:

Five British newspapers are calling the war "phony" and nothing more than western imperialism while the Washington Post is running an article (Bill Kurtz) criticizing the American military.

Some major dissenting views and perspectives are popping up in many places and the Internet fuels and propels this alternative voice and sincere quest.

Look for example at:

Find there:

Experts: Anti-terror bill threatens freedom 'This is a very dangerous time for our civil liberties'- Berkeley Daily Californian

and other interesting articles from independent newspapers.

There are also alternative and starkly different reports about what reality behind the "official facade" of globalization really is.

Here is one by a man who has been part of this globalization policy-making process from within one of the key world organizations, The World bank itself.


h2. Article "The Globalizer who came in from the cold"

by Greg Palast,.

In this article the World Bank's former Chief Economist's accusations are eye-popping - including how the IMF and US Treasury fixed the Russian elections

Read the full article at:

To push it to the very extreme here is one news source which borders with the esoteric:


h2. George Bush has been warned that Washington DC will be NUKED within 60 days by a suitcase nuke controlled by Osama Bin Laden.

Article at

247news claims that recently the FBI were harassing their publisher over their articles on the warnings of Sollog. Sollog gave such details about the 911 Attack and the attack on the New York City media with Anthrax, that the FBI wants to know how Sollog knew the facts before it occurred.

Sollog info is at


h2. As Congress and the White House devise new legislation to combat terrorism, Morton Halperin, senior fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, writes that these efforts represent a "dangerous way to legislate the delicate balance between national security and civil liberties."

Read his article here:

and read also this snippet from yesterday news:


h2. House approves terrorism measure

The House on Wednesday approved a groundbreaking bill on terrorism. The Senate passed the bill on Thursday, and President Bush is expected to sign it on Friday.

The new bill would allow police and intelligence groups to:

1) tap phones,
2) monitor Internet traffic,
3) simplify information sharing, and
4) modify electronic surveillance laws, including those concerning disposable cell phones and e-mail.

The bill would allow investigators to use "roving wiretaps" on more than one telephone and monitor e-mail and Internet traffic.

Opponents of the bill say the surveillance powers are so broad that innocent citizens could become mired in antiterrorism efforts.

Agencies could use the new laws in cases completely unrelated to terrorism, claim critics.

(Washington Post, 25 October 2001)

I would like to publish a couple of interesting articles that have come to my Inbox from the discussion lists and informal e-mail networks I have linked myself to over the years. Though they are not official journal articles, but they do provide some interesting questions and answers to the attack on the Twin Towers.

Send me your valuable comments and views at:
Luigi.Canali #

Learn how to be the first to find out what is really happening.

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