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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Low cost translation tools

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Internationalization - Part I

In this article:

1. DoubleView
2. SYSTRAN Personal
3. SYSTRANET for the Web
4. WordFisher
5. Translate

Very low cost professional translation and revision tool
= interesting, promising

DoubleVueTM tools essentially incorporate translation functions within Microsoft Word 97 & 2000.

DoubleVueTM eases the task of translating and editing texts. It is a valuable tool for translators and editors. At any time while you are translating a text, DoubleVue will display the original, non-translated sentence within Microsoft Word 97 & 2000. Editors can scroll through the translated text and at any time, the system can display the sentence in the original text.

How many times have you performed a global Search and Replace of an expression in Microsoft Word 97 & 2000 and found out that Microsoft Word 97 & 2000 had replaced expressions that you didn't want to replace? You then had to check the whole document for these errors. But now, the DoubleVue Easy Expression Search and Replace tools solve that issue. No more problems of this kind now that DoubleVue ensures that all replaced expressions are exactly the same as the expression you typed in.

DoubleVue incorporates document management features which will:
keep track and organize all original and translated documents;
search and retrieve both original and translated documents;
compress and send them for revision via E-mail or any other medium.

DoubleView is USD $49.

Download DoubleVue free demo version at: edown_doublevue.html
or: Business/MS_Office_Add-ins/ DoubleVue.html
or: dis2358.html
or: detail_view.asp?application=8397

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SYSTRAN Personal
= worth knowing

SYSTRAN Personal is a tool that allows you to quickly translate any text file.

It's the easiest way to translate up to 5K of plain text that is cut or copied to the clipboard. The translated text can then be pasted into any application.

SYSTRAN Personal is available in the 10 most popular language pairs and in bi-directional (two-way) configurations.
Language pairs supported:
English French
English German
English Italian
English Portuguese
English Spanish

System requirements:
Pentium or compatible Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Recommended 32 MB RAM
20 MB hard disk space per language pair

SYSTRAN Personal is available as a downloadable product:
Bi-directional USD $30
5 Language Pairs USD $49.00
CD-ROM Version 5 Language Pairs USD $69.00

Download and find more info at:

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SYSTRANET for the Web
= worth knowing

Surf the Internet with SYSTRANET for the Web in the 10 most popular language pairs and become more informed about news, business, travel, politics, art, or whatever information you need - or just have some fun!

Bi-directional USD $30
5 Language Pairs USD $49.00
CD-ROM Version 5 Language Pairs USD $69.00

How to use it:

1) Open the web page you would like to translate.

2) Launch SYSTRANET from the icon tray.

3) Select translation options.

4) Click Translate and your translation will appear on-screen within seconds.

System requirements:
Pentium or compatible Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Recommended 32 MB RAM
20 MB hard disk space per language pair

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= interesting, promising

WordFisher Relatively new, MS-Word based macro kit with some TM, text search and project management features. Its distinguishing feature is that this tool is developed not by the business organization, but by the translator himself (Tibor Kornyei).

Despite of its seemingly amateurish origin, this program has several functions which are absent even in professional translation tools like the Trados system.

Furthermore, its price ($30) is quite incomparable to the prices of "large" TM programs. These include:

a) Translation Project management - WordFisher presents a simplified TM-like environment for the translator.
Automatically creates a simple folder and file structure for managing the project.

b) Ability to create a bilingual table containing the matching sentence pairs from the source and target files.

c) Glossary management - You can add new entries to glossaries without leaving the document you are working on.

d) Alignment - You can align a document and its translation on screen. You can synchronize the files at any time while working on them. In addition, WordFisher has its own Aligner module to create a translation memory corpus from old translations.

Its sole drawback, in my view is slightly low operation speed.
This becomes appreciable only while working with relatively large documents.

To be noted that the user manual for this software has been trasnlated in over 11 languages including Chinese, Ukranian, Russian, Czech and Hungarian.

Full price for Wordfisher is USD $30.

Download a full evaluation copy of WordFisher at:

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= worth knowing

LogoMedia Translate™ is an automatic translation software in a low-cost, pre-packaged, desktop application.

It provides all the ease-of-use features found in the LogoMedia corresponding online service-such as drag-and-drop, point-and-click, type or paste translation-and it enables you to translate the same files, documents, Web sites and e-mail messages.

It includes the optional use of technical dictionaries and NetTrans™, which offers on-line access to automatic linguistic updates. Users receive free trial usage of

LogoMedia Translate includes:

LogoTrans™ provides the immediate translation of text placed into its window. You don't even have to click a button. Launch it from user-selectable hot keys, or let it automatically translate the contents of the clipboard.

NetTrans™ is your desktop connection to online services at It allows for fast, accurate translations without installing any software or dictionaries to your hard drive. With our translation servers, you'll always be using the latest software.

TransIt™ creates instant translation as you type. When you work with forms and web pages, simply type text in your language and have it entered in another. FileTrans™ generates batch translations of files or folders, including HTML. Drag a file or directory icon onto the FileTrans window and the translation is automatic. You can even select which file types are to be translated, copied, or ignored.

Translation Engines are provided for each language pair, including language-specific dictionaries and options.

Composite Translation Engine combines pairs to translate even more language pairs. For example, get a Spanish to Japanese translation by translating from Spanish to English and then English to Japanese. You'll get up to 40 additional language pairs.

Technical Dictionaries are available for many specialized fields, including Agriculture, Architecture, Biology, Biotechnology, Business, Chemistry, Computers, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Physics, Science, Zoology and many more (not all fields are available for all language pairs).

Plus Select among English, Spanish and Japanese for menus and dialogs an read the online help in English, Spanish or Japanese.

Select fonts for each language. See accents, special characters, and punctuation displayed correctly.

Translate is offered in various versions ranging in price from USD $99 to USD $899 depending on the language and technical-dictionary capabilities you select.

There is also a paid unlimited translations subscription service available which offers for US $9.95/month unlimited automatic translations.

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