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Friday, August 31, 2001

Real time monitoring of users navigating through your site

Not many webmasters know that it is possible to "see" visitors to your web site as they arrive and move through it in real time.

I am not referring to the use of Live Trackers like Extreme-DM, Hitbox or Superstats which provides near real-time data to webmasters.

Rather, an unofficial and unmarketed use of some popular e-customer service tools can do just the same.

Enter Human Click and LiveHelper. By using either one of the two freely available technologies, you gain immediate access to monitor in "real time" visitors on your web site.

What you can see:

1) IP number of the visitor

2) Which page she is visiting

3) How much time she is staying there

4) Where she is going next as she does it

While customer service departments use more sophisticatedtools in the same category like HumanClick Pro and LivePerson, freely available tools like LiveHelper can be useful to monitor your web traffic at any time you feel it necessary to do so.

The setup is quite simple. You only need to download one of these small free applications and insert a small javascript snippet on the page you want to track.

This how it works.

The javascript code snippet "monitors" the page constantly. When a visitor arrives at the site, the javascript is triggered. You will see on a small control panel, the IP of the person that has arrived at the site. From then on you can just monitor which pages she will visits, as long as you have placed the javascript code snippet on all those pages.

You can see an interesting table of comparison between LiveHelper and HumanClick at this URL: comparision.html






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