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Friday, August 31, 2001

Alternative free remote control of your PC

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(now that GotoMyPC is a successful paid service)

Specrem is a remote controlling tool for Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP. It contains the Server and the Client program, which you can use to remote control other computers.
When the server program is running on the other computer, you can remote control the system.

Among the various functions supported during remote control there is remote control of mouse and keyboard as well as screen capture - which means that you can see what happens on the remote computers screen.

It is possible to:

a) Execute any kind of file, TXT or MP3 example.

b) Download any file from the remote computers hard drive to your hard drive.

c) Upload file - Upload a file from your hard disk to the remote computers hard drive.

d) Do text chat sessions.

You can control most of the interface of the server PC you are connected to. You can open and close its CD-ROM drive, switch on or off its caps or num lock keys, play a sound, run a file or application.

It is also possible to remotely:

a) Open up a browser with a specified page

b) Disable, freeze or switch remote mouse buttons

c) Disable Ctrl-Alt-Del

d) Shutdown, reboot

e) Hide Windows Start button and Windows Taskbar

f) Send message - Send a short text message to the remote computer.

g) Send error message - Send fake error messages to the remote computer.

h) Listening: Keyboard listen - You can see every keypress the user types at the remote computer. Mouse listen - You can see where the mouse is moving at the remote computer. Screenshot - Takes a screenshot from the remote system's screen and shows it to you. Screen spy - Spy the remote computers screen, mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Sample screenshots
Look at the screenshots of the Client and Server programs: scrnshot.html


Basic installation:
1. The server program must be running at the remote computer you wish to connect. Run it at that computer.

2. Connect to the server with the client program using the server's IP address (or hostname in LAN) and the server program's port (default 187).




Specrem contact info:
web site:


Light, fast and easy to use.

Supports several graphical file formats.

Saves GIF files, crops, resizes images.

Could be easily used as an image viewer.

Specrem does not contain any install program, because it doesn't need to be installed at all. The only thing you have to do is to unzip the ZIP-file and you can use the program.


A full help file is available only with the downloaded program.
This is the ONLY document that provides full information about this software and its use. Find it among the unzipped files. It is labeled Help.htm. Must read!

Notes: Installing the program. If the program doesn't start and says something about a missing file, download and run this file. If the program says that a component is not correctly registered, run the file SINSTALL.EXE, select "Install needed files" and press "OK".


Download your copy at:


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