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Friday, June 29, 2001

Free total virus check for your PC

Active Scan
Detect and eliminate PC viruses FREE with NEW online service activescan/com/default.asp
= must have

With Activescan you can detect and eliminate more than 55,000 viruses, Trojans, and Internet worms directly from your browser, while you are online.

Activescan can check your entire system, including e- mail messages and compressed files. The virus library is updated at least once daily.

The service is capable of detecting and eliminating more than 55.000 viruses. Its main characteristics are:

1) It is updated at least once a day.

2) It scans e-mail messages and compressed files! (.zip,etc.)

After a brief download and acceptance of a few confirmation messages Activescan offers a nicely designed interface to activate Virus checking tasks.

Through the simple interface you are prompted to check your whole computer, specific hard disks, a floppy, email or specific files and folders.

The program interface is excellent, and truly easy to use. While the program scans your files it simultaneously reports on its findings in a detailed window.

The system can be set to either simply scan and report on infected files or to automatically eradicate and eliminate at first sight any encountered virus or Trojan horse.

If a virus is detected, you will be able to consult the results report once the scan is complete and to see what specific characterstics and warnings pertain to each and every virus found on your machine.

If you have selected the automatic disinfection option, Panda ActiveScan will automatically disinfect the infected files, (this process will be carried out in the background), without you having to do anything else. If you have not selected the automatic disinfection option (it appears disabled by default), Panda ActiveScan will only inform you that there is a virus as it detects them.

Remember that to run a thorough check of all of your computer files, Activescan, or any other antivirus software, may require up to a few hours, depending on the size of your hard disk(s). So to do a complete check of your PC run it at night. If instead you want ot check specific files and folders, Activescan will perform its task very rapidly on the spot.


System Requirements:
Environments: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000
32 Mb - Windows 95/98/Me 64 Mb - Windows NT/2000



Mail clients supported: Microsoft Outlook / Exchange, Outlook Express

Browser supported: Internet Explorer 4.0. Recommended Internet Explorer 5.0 or later version


An interesting report from a user points to the ability of the service to scan and protect even its WAP enables mobile phone, while on the road.

Test your system for viruses always with the most updated system.

Scans may take more than 15 minutes depending on the speed of your computer, the element selected, and the number of files and messages you're scanning.

A negative point, for many users, is that this service-tool works only for Windows PCs running Internet Explorer.

A small download is required to run this online service.
Approximate download time: 28.8 Kbps Modem - 10 minutes

Try it out for yourself at: activescan/activescan-com.asp

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