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Friday, May 25, 2001

Powerful free research tool to download

Copernic 2001 - Powerful desktop internet search tool
= must have

Copernic 2001 is one of the most effective Web search aids around. It is a smart piece of software that can search up to 90 different information sources simultaneously, including newsgroups and e-mail addresses. You can search by keywords in several combinations, and even ask a question to the set of search engines. From the point of view of searching capabilities, Copernic does not particularly stand above the crowd except for the comfort of looking up several search engines at once, and searching Web content in your language of choice.

However, it now includes a cutting-edge ranking method that places the most relevant result at the top of a result report generated in seconds and free of duplicates. Also new is the Translate button to provide quick access to an online translation service in order to translate any Web page or search result into any of seven languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

What is really remarkable about Copernic is the way it allows you to manage your search results: you can sort them by relevance, check those that best fit your request, refine your search, save it for future reference, and export the list into a nifty report page in HTML, ready to be published, sent by email, printed out, or included into a Word document.

The report feature can be a real hit if you need to produce a Webography in a snap: no more cutting and pasting URLs, no more hassle formatting titles and descriptions. And all is completed with a summary header with your search keywords, date, total number of documents found.

But the very special feature is the integrated browser, that lets you visit your search results while keeping them in a handy drop-down list in a corner of your browser window.

On installation, Copernic can be customised to be an Internet Explorer add-on. It can replace IE's default search window or search bar so that it can be accessed directly from the browser toolbar. You can choose to include Copernic in IE's contextual menu, by highlighting a term and choosing a pop-up menu option.

The commercial versions, Copernic 2001 Plus and Copernic 2001 Pro, offer some 90 search categories, giving you access to more than 1000 search engines.



Copernic 2001 Pro adds a powerful tracking function which automatically updates specific searches and notifies you by e-mail when new results are found. It also provides additional features like such as automatic downloading, validating and refining, keyword spell-checking.

I find this version suitable for professional Web marketers, researchers, and online journalists, and for all those who sift the Web for constantly up-to-date information and news.

Download Copernic 2001 free at: basic/download.html

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