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Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Virtual reality

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1. RealityBuy
2. Cult3d
3. 3DMeNow
4. New tools
= breakthrough tool

RealityBUY, is one of the leading Application Service Providers of interactive 3D for e-commerce. The technology they have developed is capable of merging cutting-edge 3D visualization technology with e-commerce capabilities and deploying it into thedigital marketplace.

Some products have so many features and options that there is no reasonable way to show them all on a website. Many customers needto see and try products before they can confidently make their online purchasing decision. Plus selecting the right combination offeatures may be too difficult for some customers to achieve without having a product expert assist them in the process.

Reality Object™ can make websites come alive with the power of realistic 3D images that let customers see what they're building as they make their product option selections and the interactivity of the 3D objects lets customers try out the products before they buy.

Sellers are able to present their manufactured goods in 3D form within their own website, in an online exchange or within realityBUY's e-business platform so their customers can electronically interact with the three dimensional products, exchange information and conduct transactions.

Go and see some stunning demonstrations of this technology at: index.htm
Here you will find a "repository" of 3D objects, which can be viewed, and looked at from any angle and distance.
There are several repositories divided by categories: Industrial, Retail, Furniture and Automotive.
I strongly suggest you explore the Retail category in which thereare indeed some fantastic examples.

If you have Internet Explorer 4 or greater, a set of plugins willbe installed automatically for you. If you are a Netscape user you will be required to manually install them.

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= breakthrough tool

Cult3D allows companies and designers to easily build anddisplay high-quality interactive 3D graphics for Web sites, Microsoft Office, and Adobe Acrobat. Targeted toward product visualization, e-commerce, distance learning, gaming and entertainment applications, Cult3D lets consumers fully interact and understand even very complex objects. It allows to create andshow a product line or services in 3D -- "live" on the Internet, or within a PowerPoint presentation or Acrobat PDF file.

1)The Cult3D plug-in, which allows users to view Cult3D objects on the Web, in MS Office documents, and in Adobe Acrobat files.

2)The Cult3D Designer and Exporter, which imports 3D models, adds interactivity, compresses the file to a fraction of its original size, and exports it to a Cult3D object file that can beembedded on a Web page or inserted into an MS Office or Acrobat document.

Cycore, the company developing Cult3D, offers also an online educational campus in which to learn how to use and develop 3D models with Cult3D. index.html

Requirements: Cult3D requires no extra hardware and runs on PC and Mac over low-bandwidth connections. The viewer works under Netscape Navigatorand Microsoft Explorer and consists of two components: Cult3D requires no extra hardware and runs on PC and Mac over low-bandwidth connections.

Image Modeler for Cult3D

This the very innovative and powerful tool which allows the easy development of 3models, with a new approach, that will be soon available to many, at very low cost.

The powerful idea behind it:
A tool designed especially for Web content creators, this is a unique image-based modeling application that simplifies the sometimes tedious task of building 3D models because it bypasses the traditional, often time-consuming process of 3D model creation.

By selecting a number of points on a series of still photographs of an object or environment, ImageModeler extracts 3D data and textures to build models that are amazingly photo-realistic.

For the technically savvy:
The Cult3D Designer built into the package is an authoring program that adds interactivity, animation, sound, Java events, and particle systems to the 3D model. This program features a drag-and-drop, icon-based interface, and has a built-in compression feature that reduces a model's file size up to 95%, making it easily transportable to the Web.

While Web developers, trainers, educators and organizations alikeacknowledge the effectiveness of showcasing products interactive 3D on the Internet, rarely have the skills required to build 3D models using complex off-the-shelf applications. ImageModeler for Cult3D represents a significant step forward in this area, with a tool that can be tested online by anyone. Whileits immediate deployment for your needs may not be critical now, it certainly has major implications for the evolution of the visualization field in training, marketing and e-commerce, by providing a very simple set of tools for building 3D models basedon 2D images.

For more info go to

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= interesting, promising

This ground-breaking program allows both non-artists and 3d modelers to create their own 3D models of anyone,directly from photographs or artwork.
This application is capable of generating photorealistic, animatable digital 3d models - not only humans, but potentially any character and object type - from nothing morethan photographs or suitable source artwork.

3DMeNow™ is capable of outputting professional quality, truly recognisable low-resolution game models or very realistic, super-smooth hi-resolution models with a click of the mouse.

Used correctly, 3DMeNow(tm) can in a matter of minutes allow evenan inexperienced PC user to output a truly recognisable, photorealistic, animateable version of themselves or anyone - ready to walk into a game or be put onto a website as a virtual sales agent or support representative.

This software approach can indeed revolutionize specialist applications from Police Art, human identification and forensic reconstruction through to cosmetic surgery, physiotherapy and ergonomics - as well as communications and all kinds of media/ multimedia applications, not least video games and video effects,web content and interactive learning.

Conventional 3D authoring packages are quirky, extremely difficult to learn and eat lots of computer resources. You need to be skilled in using lengthy, complex routines to output finished models and animations of any kind of quality.

Professional 3D modelers know just how time-consuming and difficult it is to model and animate anything realistic. And it'sgenerally accepted that realism in geometry is directly proportional to model resolution, which is why so many applications, like games, end up using low-quality real-time models.

To date the only alternatives to modeling from scratch have beenexpensive scanning or low-level photographic solutions, all of which result in unscaleable, unanimatable and incompatible results.

See samples at:

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Just scouted and reported by our fellow researcher Massimo Curatella, see also this interesting new tools in this same category:

1)KAON Interactive
This is another 3D visualization technology which allows the user to see hyperrealistic models displayed through his/her webbrowser without the use of any plug-ins or high speed connections.
The longer one views the model displayed the more accurate and detailed the model becomes.
See samples at:

2) 3D Anywhere
3DAnywhere is a fast, flexible, customizable, and efficient system of displaying 3D scenes on the web. 3DAnywhere provides a complete system for publishing 3D scenes on the web. 3DAnywhere enables web-site authors to present three dimensional objects over the Internet and allowing the viewer to rotate and control the object's size and shape.
Go to the following URL to see how 3D scenes and objects can be integrated into web pages using 3DAnywhere software. f_set_yappa3dstudio.html

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