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Tuesday, January 23, 2001

MundiDesign - New learning tools

= must have/try

Andrew Mundi is truly a new age interactive designer.
He has fully understood the need for developing interactive learning tools, which are engaging, simple and intuitive technology, while utilizing the newest technologies. At his site you will find two rare and valuable jewels:

1) Principles of Graphic Design index2.html

2) Web Colour Theory

These are two wonderful Flash-based tutorials, or just-in-time learning tools, that are very useful for all kinds of new media designers. They are reference tools, in which one can elegantly explore and learn about graphic design (1), or how different colours are coded and how colour combinations work best on web pages (2).

This is a must see.

Only warning: do not click on his Portfolio button. You will not find anymore treasures while you will be in for a very long download.

Works on Macs and PCs.

Requirements: Flash Player

To quickly download it if you do not have it, go to:
and click on Flash or Shockwave Player. Either one is good.



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