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Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Messaging tools

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In this article:
1. MailSurf
2. Web to Email
3. Pagegetter

= must have/try

Mailsurf is a communication center for internet to internet and internet to non-internet communication. Whether you want to send and receive email, send a sms message ora fax you will be able to do so from Mailsurf. You can even send an email as a normal letter that will be delivered free to any postal address worldwide!

Furthermore Mailsurf offers free file storage, homepage, calendar, e-cards, news, groups and many more services. Also the service allows you to create your personalized desktop with the services you want.

Here in detail is the list of services that I have successfully tested (there are some yet under development, though they are promoted as active on their pages):

1) Email to SMS
Send SMS (short message service) to most mobile phones(GSM) in the world. Divert your email to your mobile phone or send time delayed SMS messages.
Eg. send a SMS messages today that will be delivered at 12h05 on 24 December 2001. Included is an online address book for your SMSnumbers.

2) Email to Snailmail
Send an email that will be delivered free to a postal address! You can send 10 letters free per month - worldwide! Included is an online address book for your postal addresses.

3) Email to Fax
Send a free fax to many different parts of the world. Translate your fax into many languages with the click of a button. Included is an online address book for your fax numbers.

4) Desktop customization
Editable information like news, weather, sport, finance. You alsoget a Calendar, E-Cards, File storage and more.

5) File Storage area
3 MB of space with very basic functionalities for uploading or deleting files along with sharing capability and some access rights management controls for managing sets of different users.

6) Online calendar with reminder facility

7) Online address book, in which existing lists from Eudora or Netscape address books can be easily imported.

8) Create Groups for accessing multiple Calendars and to provide different access rights to the files uploaded.

N.B.:The following services, THOUGH LISTED among the other ones on the site are yet NOT RELIABLE or NOT WORKING as advertised:!!!

1) Email Service
Send normal email through their @mailsurf based addresses is functioning. Not so the more interesting possibility of checking and retrieving mail from your other external email accounts.

2) Email notification - get notified when new mail arrives (to your mobile phone or via email).

3) Translate your email into other languages with the click of a button.

4) Reminder email for important days and appointments and Electronic cards (can also be sent on dates you specify)

5) Create and Edit a Personal homepage
A personal Mailsurf homepage that is easy to create and update!

6) Discussion forum facility

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Web to e-mail resource
= must have/try

Why Web-to-Email?

While the amount of information on the World Wide Web has grown exponentially in the last few years, there is still a large community of Internet users who only have access to email. They cannot surf the Web -- the world's biggest multi-media information resource. Many of these users live in isolated areas or developing countries, and rely on the Internet for communication, access to essential medical, scientific, human rights and business information, and world news.

How does it work?

Web-to-Email servers are computers which fetch documents from theWeb, and send them to the user as email messages, either in plaintext or html. To use the system, simply send an email message addressed to one of the Web-to-Email servers listed below. Leave the subject line blank. In the body of the email message, type the URL (a Web address beginning with http://) of the Web page you want to read.

For more detailed instructions, send an email message to the server of your choice with only the word HELP in the body of the message (leave the subject line blank).

The servers listed below are selected from G.E. Boyd's, "List of operational and defunct servers for e-mail only users"

For best results, use the server closest to you.

Command: GET http://...
(omit the GET command to receive the page as an html attachment)

------------------------------------------- (Canada) (Canada) (Italy) (Germany) (UK) http:// only

Command: GET http://...

------------------------------------------- (free to medical personnel) DOWN SINCE 22MAR99!

Command: SEND http://...

------------------------------------------- (Japan) (Japan) (Japan) (Norwegian users only) (Russian users only)

Command: GO http://...


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= must have/try delivers Web content via e-mail upon requestor subscription. When an Internet user does not have access to the World Wide Web, does not have time to "surf", or wishes to discreetly access Web content, the user can use one of PageGetterservices to access the webpages he wants.

PageGetter offers a set of complementary services to obtain Web content through email

1) Web Retriever - Send an e-mail, including one or more URLs (web addresses i.e. in the subject or body of the message, to In a moment you will automatically have returned to your e-mail account, the full requested webpage, complete with embedded graphics. Pages with frames will be split into multiple e-mails, as many e-mail clientscan not support frames.

2) Frame Retriever - If your e-mail client supports frames (i.e. Outlook) receive all frames in a single e-mail. Send an e-mail, including one or more URLs (web addresses the subject or body of the message, to In a moment you will automatically have returned to your e-mail account, the full requested webpage, complete with frames and embedded graphics.

3) Text Retriever - Simply send an e-mail, containing one or morevalid URLs in the subject or body, to You will receive a text version of the requested page. Great for e-mail appliances, PDA, cell phones, alphanumeric pagers and textonly e-mail systems. If your email service or device has a message size limitation, you can request to have your pages splitinto multiple, smaller return emails. Simply include "resize=xxxx"(without the quotes, where xxxx is the maximum size file you would like to have returned) in the message body of your page request.

There is also a Stock Quotes, Charts and Company Data services allowing users to receive stock quotes, charts and relevant company data by sending e-mails to

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