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Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Interface design - navigation systems

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The Brain is a powerful and visually engaging search engine, providing you with a new approach to information navigation. Different contents are grouped according to topics, and topics have relationships among themselves. In this framework onecan navigate the whole web through concept associations and visual threads that make up for a very interesting experience.

Why WebBrain?
WebBrain lets you search the Web visually, so you can explore a dynamic picture of related information, instead of searching through long lists of text. WebBrain lets you easily browse the Web and discover what's out there.

Brain technologies also provides a number of tools (Personal Brain, Site Brain, Intranet Brain and Brain SDK) all based on this technology, customized to the need of the individual, the small web site, the large and professional web site, the organization.

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Thinkmap - "putting content into context"
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Thinkmap software animates data, creating interactive displays that interface directly with data sources. The Thinkmap platform helps organizations take advantage of interconnected information, thereby improving communication, efficiency, and ultimately, profitability.

Thinkmap provides solutions for displaying, animating, and navigating complex and interconnected information. Through products such as Thinkmap and others, they enable the rapid development of a new class of applications, one in which navigation begets learning.

With Thinkmap the key to intelligent knowledge management is putting content into context. Thinkmap, Plumb Design's data animation software, exposes the connections between information freeing users to identify and follow their interests and uncover useful and valuable information. Intuitive navigation solidifies the relationship between the user and the information, transforming each knowledge management solution into a valuable tool.

In other words, Thinkmap offers organizations the ability to illustrate the relationships that exist within large databases. Users can follow the connections between items to find what they are looking for and to discover valuable, related information that you might not have been aware of.

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View a magnificent and jaw-dropping implementation of this visual navigation tool at:
Here you will find a prototype for a new kind of Visual Thesaurus



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Sony Music Licensing contact/
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Another great implementation of the Thinkmap engine is the one created for the Sony Licensing Music web site catalog. Through it any producer can easily find Sony copyrighted music tracks by theme, year, author, or other categories and through anenticing visual navigation interface. contact/

Once there click on any of the themes or content categories available in the central pane and see what happens.
There is even the option of pre-listening to an excerpt of each song found in the catalog.

Sony Music has the largest, oldest and most diverse catalog of musical recordings in the world. In their catalog they hold instantly recognizable hits by artists -- from classical divas, to swing to rap to major rock, pop, jazz, country and R&B stars -- artists like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington; classic vocalists on the order of Billie Holiday and Tony Bennett; '60s heroes such as the Byrds and Janis Joplin; and contemporary artists.

This online application allows to search or browse through Sony Music's current library of musical recordings in an intuitive fashion.

Sony has organized the most popular songs in the Sony library by subject matter. When looking for that perfect song to accompany commercials, television program, movie, or new media product, this tool becomes ideal to explore their library of songs quicklyand easily.

This site, created for industry professionals, provides an indispensable tool for exploring Sony's database of music. Once registered (optional), it will be possible to collect songs in a "short list" and then submit these songs to Sony's team of talented licensing experts.

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