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Monday, June 5, 2000

MultiLanguage search - translate - define word tool

Babylon - Translation tool
>> Useful tray translation tool

Multilanguage support tool Babylon, is one of the most popular downloads on the net. Having run into it, about a month ago, have been using it and testing it enough to be able to report to you some good news about it.

The program resides in your system tray, and by clicking any word, you can get an instant and accurate translated definition. After translating a word, the program also allows you to search for that term on one of several online search engines or online encyclopedias. Also an interactive tool, Babylon encourages you to suggest a new word to be added to the database whenever you meet terms not available in their dictionaries.

You can utilize Babylon functionalities with an open internet connection, allowing the program to tap all of its databases and dictionaries online, or you can use it with no net connection, by first downloading the language dictionaries you specifically need.

This little tool (840 KB), is a rather fast download, it is freeware and it does a good number of very useful things I had been looking for.

1) Translate individual words in most any other language, either online, or by downloading the appropriate dictionaries offline as well.

2) Act as a useful reference dictionary, to provide you with basic definitions, spelling and grammatical info.

3) Being able to search on major search engines for any word I may run into as I browse ANY type of document, online and off, without having to leave the program/screen you are on.



4) Reference easily any word or concept in major reference sites as Britannica, Encarta or

5) Convert measurement units and currency rates between most of the world used standards by offering an instant currency, time zone, and metric converters.

6) Calculate and perform arithmetic operations with an optional add-on to be downloaded separately.

7) Hear the english pronunciation of any word, to improve your language skills.

You can download Babylon Lite at: 0-10071-100-1595070.html?tag=

You can SEE most of Babylon screens and a complete FAQ at:

Optional add-ons like full dictionaries in any of the languages supported to be used off-line, calculator, text-to-speech options can be downloaded at: index4.html

If you want to read users opinions and sincere reviews of this tool please go check: 0-10071-601-1595070-1.html?tag=st.dl.10071.& tag=st.dl.10071-100-1595070.dir.10071-601-1595070

To check out the company who develops it, go to:

Full info about how to use it and replying to most common questions can be found at:

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