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Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Web access through e-mail

>> Subscribe to specific web page content through e-mail automatically

Web2Mail is a web service offering the capability to send selected web pages from your or any other website by e-mail.

The FREE service allows customers, clients or potential buyers to tap into web site content with all of the design and layout features of the original web page, but delivered to them through e-mail. Although very simple, the concept is really good. We know well what it means to access critical web site info when you are based in organizations or institutions that have limited web access for their staff, or where web connection is at times really poor.

There is also the option of receiving only the text content of a specified page as well as the frequency with which it will be sent to a specified e-mail address. A nice usability touch is the possibility of typing in your browser address/URL box, the command: followed by the "@" sign and the URL of the site to subscribe to. Example:
This command will automatically log you in the Web2mail site service page where you can basically confirm or personalize your subscription request (in the example you would be subscribing yourself to Jakob Nielsen's home page).

I liked the service, and found it to be easy to use, reliable, fast and effective in delivering to my e-mail box selected web pages. Being at the moment in a somewhat developing country, and having a quite bad Internet connection, the service did really help me in getting to content in a faster and more reliable way. As my e-mail application downloads automatically every few hours the contents of my e-mail servers, I am not dependent anymore on the downtimes we frequently experience with our Web connections, and can comfortably access the needed web pages off-line at my leasure.

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