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Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Resource hub for film/video/digital resources

Production Hub: Online film/video/digital media community

Production Hub is an interactive online community devoted solely to professionals, products and services in the film, video and digital media industries.

There is also an "education" area in which one can search for workshops, universities, schools, continuing education centers which cater to this very specific market.

One of the greatest value-added on the site, is actually one of the site sponsors: Studio Depot which you will see on the home page. This is really a capable one stop film/video supplier. It is fast, efficient and very well organized.

Crew, equipment, pre and post-production, digital media, talent services and newstand areas are accessible from all of the website pages.

The site is interesting more from the standpoint of where we are heading than for its usefulness unless you live and work in the US. Unfortunately, and this maybe the best opportunity for somebody else indeed, the service is US-focussed and does not really cater to international or off-shore suppliers. The search options available accept only US zip codes and abbreviations only for the US states.

Of great limitation also the scarce information provided for each company listed unless the same has bought a special fee-based link in which to list its detailed services.

What is good is that you can very easily and rapidly find many specialists in all of the above mentioned areas, and get to their phone numbers in a matter of seconds.



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