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Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Cybercustomer service - live tech support

Live Person
>> Quality customer support for web site

I personally ran into this service last tuesday, as I was desperately looking for customer support on the Access Power website (, where after having been charged $50 I was never provided with the service promised.

The effectiveness and immediacy of this new customer service functionality, which allows you to talk directly via voice to a customer rep (obviously without using the phone), gave me a tremendous confidence boost in the possibility of rescuing an already lost trust relationship with this supplier.

Unfortunately although the technical facility worked impeccably, the customer service people were not as good as the technology they used, and more than anything, the company was not able to provide me with the service purchased. So that tells you a long story about customer service on-line.

Key strengths of this service:

*Operator "push-page" capability
Operators can "push" a Web page that automatically opens a new browser window on the caller's screen. This, combined with text, images, and links within the chat window, give the operator a full arsenal to provide quality customer service.

*View Customer Contact History
Operators now have the ability to view a caller's prior chat history, so that they may follow-up on previous questions.



*Chat sessions preview
An operator can view the first 20 characters of the most recent text response for all chat sessions within their current queue, to be reminded as to the nature of the session.

*Improved Operator Queue Management
The operator now has the ability to view the time a caller has been waiting for a response. In addition, if an operator is momentarily unavailable, he or she can now redirect incoming calls to other operators.

*Enhanced User Information Window
This window now provides the operator with additional information regarding a caller and the caller's point of origin.

*Enhanced Administration Oversight
In addition to monitoring individual operator performance, administrators can now get a global view of all their operator queues at any time.

In this same area I have unearthed a few more interesting services. If you are interested I strongly advise you to give them a personal check yourself:

1) Human click - reviewed in issue 1
2) eButton -

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2004-08-27 19:22:30


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