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Tuesday, May 9, 2000

Centralized personal data and login info aggregator

>> One-stop login and personal information assistant

A friend alerted me on this web service a few days ago, and as always I scouted out to cyberspace to go and check what the VCs had been spending their megabucks on. In fact what had striken me the most was the large amount of money apparently poured into this venture. I spidered out, skeptical as usual and here is what I found.

Key features:
Summary page showing up-to-date information of all your online accounts and links to your favorite sites. Capability to keep up with favorite Web sites by clipping content from anywhere on the Web and pasting it to a so called LiveClips page. Immediately view all the key information you need to track - whether it be bank or brokerage account balances, incoming emails, the day's agenda items, or headlines from favorite news sites - without having to surf and login to multiple sites.

Only one password to remember and one place to go to access and manage all your online accounts.

Easiest way ever to register on new sites. Possibility to register to new sites without having to fill out boring forms yourself - With OneClick Registration, ezlogin will pre-fill registration forms for you using data from the stored profile of your choice.

No More Check-out Hassle Fill online purchase orders automatically with ezlogin's Instant Check-Out feature. Instant CheckOut fills purchase forms using credit card and shipping information you securely store in your default profile.



All personal data you exchange with is encrypted with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) system to create a protected connection between users and's server.

All your profile data is safely secured on's database behind multiple firewalls that prohibit unauthorized access. It is possible to create as many Web profiles as you'd like so that a user can automatically register to sites with a choice of identities.

No need to fear the risk of spam when registering to a new site.'s Spamblocking feature automatically assigns you a proxy email address which acts as a protective layer against spam.
Give your accountant temporary read-only viewing rights of online bank accounts during tax time.

Although this service seems to be oriented to the single user-person, its use - or the use of a conceptually and technically similar structure - could be conceived for organizations or organizational subunits.

I must say that I, as probably many of you after having read the introductory news and information on the service, thought this was really a great idea and a great service. Sorry to disappoint you. The idea remains available. Unfortunately the service, interface, ease of use, speed, accessibility and overall "feel" left a lot to be desired. On a medium or slow connetion you can be truly disappointed. Integration between different functionalities is not there, and overall I did not feel safe to provide all my registration info and passwords, to a service which did not provide me with the appropriate "customer and interaction experience" I expected.

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