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Friday, March 31, 2000
>> Services, forums, directories and news all on one site is a valuable website that offers a broad range of services and news topics of interest to designers and web professionals. By visiting this comprehensive Web site, you can find a review on the latest version of your favorite software, check your files for errors, search numerous online stock photography libraries or add professionally designed frames to your images.

- Asset Management
- Design and Layout
- Fonts and Typography
- Illustration
- Imaging
- Motion
- Prepress and Printing
- Stock Photography
- Systems and Hardware
- Web Publishing is updated daily. By becoming a member you can access any of the discussion forums, mailing lists and special offers. Among the interesting topics discussed in the forums:
- Dynamic Media
- Flash Issues
- Design and Layout
- Do You Have to Go to School to Be a Designer or Can it Be Self Taught
- Which is Better? Mac or PC?

It is possible to customize one's own front page to focus on the features one is most interested into, as well as to organize and share one's own portfolio online. publishes also information on the most important elements of online publishing and design:



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